Photography Project Victoria Falls

Enhance your wildlife photography skills while bringing awareness to wildlife at Victoria Falls. Find your purpose by doing something you love!

Prices start from US$2,098 for 2 week

A Wildlife Photography Internship With A Purpose

With this internship, not only will you be enhancing your portfolio and skills as a wildlife photographer with custom theoretical and practical classes, you will also be making a difference by bringing awareness to wildlife and projects in Zimbabwe.


What Does This Wildlife Photography Internship Entail?

You will spend your time in Zambezi National Park practicing wildlife photography and documenting a local wildlife-based organization and sanctuary’s efforts onsite where you will be staying. You will help create important photographs for social media that spread awareness of the wildlife project and its efforts.

A combination of photography theory, practical experience and assignments under our Photography Manager, Hanna Wigart, will allow you to grow as a photographer and leave Zimbabwe with an amazing portfolio as well as having contributed to important causes.

Your Project, Your Purpose!

Living on a private wildlife reserve and safari park with other like-minded people and resident animals allows for photography opportunities wherever you turn your camera. You will regularly participate in photographing on-site volunteers working with Lion and Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteering and their daily lives caring for the captive and rescued resident animals. Every photograph you take may be used for marketing and educational purposes, making your contribution to this project, essential for its success. However, don’t be afraid to put down your camera and get your hands dirty by assisting the team!

The benefit of living on the wildlife reserve is that you can practice wildlife photography under more controlled environments before heading into the wilderness! For example, during dusk and dawn you can practice photography on Spotted Hyenas and Lions. This allows you to get more control of your settings for some of the most challenging photography times so that you know what to expect on the game drives in the National Park.

You will also get the opportunity to assist with photography assignments from other NGOs and organizations that work with the local community and wildlife. Great pictures capturing the invaluable work of the NGOs is crucial for spreading awareness and increasing funding to further support their projects. Most organizations do not have the equipment, time or expertise in photography for this to be possible and therefore you can make a significant difference by donating your time to these worthy causes.

But that’s not all!

When you are not in the field practicing wildlife photography, assisting with onsite assignments or photography for local NGOs, you will have the opportunity to improve your skills and take incredible photographs of local sites such as the mighty Victoria Falls. The Photography Manager will take you through theoretical and practical classes tailored to your level, throughout your entire stay.

Get your camera ready. Charge your batteries. Focus! It takes just one photograph to speak a thousand words and make a difference. After all, it’s your eye, your photo, your story.

Why Join The Wildlife Photography Internship?

This Wildlife Photography Internship is like no other. By being on the same site as volunteers who are working with animals and regular photography drives into the National Park, you will be joining one of the most incredible adventures. This internship will allow you to leave Africa with a versatile portfolio and skills that you can bring with you into your future wildlife photography adventures, or career if that is what you are aiming for!

Not only will you get invaluable wildlife photography lessons, join amazing wildlife and community projects, you also have the opportunity to get hands on with African wildlife along with the other wildlife volunteers. Running a Wildlife Sanctuary is a 365 day a year job and our animals need daily care and upkeep to ensure the highest standard of welfare. As an intern with us, you will join a team of dedicated people and animals making a difference and spreading the word of conservation through your lens.

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A Day In The Life Of A Photography Intern

Enjoy two half day game drives a week, or one full day game drive per week, with our Photography Manager where you can capture the abundance of wildlife that call this area home. With your keen eye you may even capture the most elusive residents.

Participate in assignments and classes designed by our Photography Manager to improve your photography and editing skills, while exchanging ideas with your fellow photographers.

Enjoy extremely close encounters with resident lions, hyenas and other animals with the opportunity to assist in their care and welfare needs while taking photographs that will wow the world!

Contribute to science by accompanying field researchers and volunteers during their surveys, bush walks and even during unforgettable night drives.

Make a difference assisting NGOs and organizations with assignments within local communities and capturing their daily activities and tasks.

Show the world the one angle of the magnificent Victoria Falls that hasn’t been photographed yet, your angle.

While you make lasting memories at this World Heritage Site, use your camera to tell your story about wildlife conservation and community projects and feel the power that comes with every click.

Meet The Photography Manager

Hanna Wigart, originally from Sweden, is a Wildlife Photographer and Zoologist with a love for adventures that brings her closer to animals and nature all around the world.

Thanks to her background as a Zoologist she has gone on many amazing adventures that have allowed her to photograph the animals that she loves the most. Her main goal is to bring wildlife into the hearts of people, and aims to use her education and knowledge as a photographer to spread awareness of the importance of conservation and research.

Under Hanna’s supervision you will gain skills and knowledge as a photographer both in theory and in practice in the field. You will join her in her daily life working on- and off-site photographing volunteer projects,organizations and wildlife. No day will look the same!


Prices & Duration

Start Dates[/et_pb_text]
2023/24 GBP Prices2023/24 USD Prices
2 Weeks - GBP1,7482 weeks - US$2,098
3 Weeks - GBP2,3743 weeks - US$2,849
4 Weeks - GBP2,9794 weeks - US$3,575
5 Weeks - GBP3,5295 weeks - US$4,235
6 Weeks - GBP4,0796 weeks - US$4,895
7 Weeks - GBP4,6297 weeks - US$5,555
8 Weeks - GBP5,1798 weeks - US$6,215
9 Weeks - GBP5,7299 weeks - US$6,875
10 Weeks - GBP6,27910 weeks - US$7,535
11 Weeks - GBP6,82911 weeks - US$8,195
12 Weeks - GBP7,37912 weeks - US$8,855
Start Dates 2023Start Dates 2024
2, 16 January1, 15 January
6 & 13 February5 & 12 February
6, 13, 27 March4, 11, 25 March
3 & 17 April1 & 15 April
1, 15, 29 May6, 13, 27 May
5 & 19 June3 & 17 June
3, 10, 17 & 24 July1, 8, 15, 22 & 29 July
14, 21,& 28 August5, 12, 19 & 26 August
4 & 18 September2 & 16 September
2 & 16 October7 & 14 October
6, 13 & 27 November4, 11 & 25 November
11 & 25 December9 & 23 December