Wildlife conservation project

Antelope Park | Zimbabwe

Project Overview

If you are looking for an opportunity to be immersed into 3,000-acre of stunning savannah grassland, brimming with free-roaming wildlife, as well as 3 of the African Big 5, all in a fun and meaningful way – look no further! 

Volunteer with wildlife in Zimbabwe for the ultimate opportunity to get fully involved with all aspects of conservation and animal management, as well as encountering African Big 5 species daily, including lion, rhino, and elephant!

Volunteers are involved firsthand with the care and upkeep of our resident lions, rhino and elephants, vital data collection and monitoring, behaviour enrichment, wildlife protection efforts, game park maintenance and more!

Based at our private game reserve, a thriving conservation hub, you will have the once in a lifetime opportunity to get hands-on with iconic wildlife, working with our team of experienced and knowledgeable conservationists and handlers.

Perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers; whether you are on a gap year, career break, holiday or simply looking for that ‘WOW’ experience; This is the ultimate African volunteering safari opportunity, with close encounters of some of the most iconic species on the planet.


Project Highlights

  • Experience the endangered white rhino through close encounters, while collecting data and taking part in daily management routines.
  • Stroll through the game park alongside our magnificent 4 orphaned elephants, observing their different characters, social interactions, and group dynamics in their natural environment.
  • Enjoy regular encounters with our resident lions, during important daily upkeep activities.
  • Take part in exciting behavioural enrichment activities, stimulating natural behaviours of our lions and elephants.
  • Discovering our incredible free-roaming wildlife out in our game park, participating in bush walks, game drives, game feeding, game counts, bird surveys and important wildlife management duties.
  • Become part of our wildlife protection team, assisting with vital boundary patrols and snare sweeps, helping with any orphan or rescues cases that pass through our care.
  • Live out the volunteer safari adventure at one of Zimbabwe’s leading private game reserves, featured in BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans, ITV’s Lion Country and Animal Planet’s Roaring with Pride. 

Project Details

Antelope Park

Antelope Park, a thriving conservation hub and wildlife paradise, is one of Zimbabwe’s Leading Private Game Reserve. Set over 3000 acres of open savannah grassland and home to free-roaming zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, impala and kudu, over 200 birds’ species, as well as the magnificent lion, elephant and rhino – you will get to live the ultimate volunteer safari life, with a difference – there really is nowhere else quite like it! Your opportunities are extensive, with a few highlights including:

Walk with Giants: Our magnificent four orphaned elephants enjoy their days roaming the bush from dawn until dusk. You will have the opportunity to get to know these iconic animals, while strolling with them through their natural habitat.

Experience our Rhino: This is your once in a lifetime opportunity to closely interact with the incredible endangered white rhino. Our rhino are under very close supervision, 24 hours a day, by our professional scouts, to ensure their safety. Learn more about these incredible animals and what it takes to protect and preserve one of the most endangered species on the planet.

Wildlife from the saddle: Our game park is the perfect horse-riding environment for all abilities, to experience the very best of the African bush, while getting up-close to exquisite wildlife. Our extensive range horse activities include our ultimate overnight horse safari, swimming on horseback, wildlife safari rides, sunset and sunrise rides, cross-country, polocrosse and more!

Volunteer Accommodation

You will be sleeping in twin or quad room thatched accommodation at the main camp, with a beautiful dam running through and access to the swimming pool, canoes, sundowner deck, bar, and coffee shop. Volunteers have their own separate shower & toilet within the accommodation block. Your room will be cleaned daily by the housekeeping staff, and free use of the laundry service is available to all volunteers. You will also enjoy 3 wholesome cooked meals a day prepared for you by the camp staff in the beautiful camp dining area.

Weekly Itinerary

Each day will be varied and exciting, rotating between the many different activities that go with achieving our conservation goals, as well as ensuring the best possible care for all our animals and wildlife.

Weekly activities include:


  • Rhino data collection
  • Wildlife protection and anti-poaching patrols
  • Snare sweeps
  • Behaviour enrichment with our lions and elephants
  • Boma & enclosure cleaning and maintenance
  • Food preparation and feeding
  • Animal condition management
  • Medical treatment where necessary
  • Game counts and monitoring
  • Bush walks and game drives
  • Reserve & wildlife management
  • Bird surveys
  • Community engagement and conservation education
From the very first moment I arrived antelope park I felt so welcome and safe by the volunteer manager and people in the park. It was incredible getting so close to the animals, getting to know them, watch them in the wild, learn about them and walk with them. During my four weeks I got to spend time with some amazing volunteers from all over the world, and I’ve gotten friends for life. The people, the project, the food, the facilities, the excursions and overall the whole experience was just amazing, and a month I will remember for the rest of my life
Ann Elin Bergevik, Norway

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$1000 – $7600

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Activities as part of project
  • Airport Transfers
  • Laundry 
  • Wifi
  • 24 hour support on site
  • Flights
  • Travel & Medical Insurance
  • Air Evacuation Insurance 
  • Visa Costs
  • Extra Activities & Excursions

Project starts every Monday

Duration Cost USD Cost GBP
1 Week $ 1,000 £ 820
2 Weeks $ 1,498 £ 1,225
3 Weeks $ 2,240 £ 1,840
4 Weeks $ 2,900 £ 2,365
5 Weeks $ 3,600 £ 2,940
6 Weeks $ 4,430 £ 3,620
7 Weeks $ 4,900 £ 3,995
8 Weeks $ 5,500 £ 4,485
9 Weeks $ 6,100 £ 4,970
10 Weeks $ 6,700 £ 5,455
11 Weeks $ 7,200 £ 5,870
12 Weeks $ 7,600 £ 6,190

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