Tourism, Hospitality & Marketing

Antelope Park, Zimbabwe

→ Prices start from $1115 or £769 for 1 week

Learn through Volunteering

If you love tourism and cultural diversity… If you have a passion for marketing strategies, social media and interacting with people… And if you’ve always dreamt of working in an African lodge surrounded by wildlife, then the stars have aligned for you.

With this project, not only will you be gaining invaluable and detailed work experience in the heart of the African bush, but you will also be obtaining the management skills required to understand and run the business.  This is a unique opportunity to take your career to the next level or even reinvent yourself completely by starting a new one.

It’s your life. Take it wherever you want to go.

Volunteer Reviews

Cordelia & Nick

We loved meeting the orphan elephants at the beautiful Antelope park!

Your Project, Your Purpose

With this internship you will alternate your days working closely with different department teams, including: Reception & Reservations, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping and Marketing. You will be working with staff, guests, volunteers and other interns on a daily basis. Here’s where you will experience and learn first hand all the details of their everyday responsibilities. It’s truly as much fun as it sounds.

This industry is thirsty for independent and resourceful people with new ideas and this internship welcomes that with open arms.  Under the supervision of our managers you will receive the full support and training needed to develop the skills that you are looking for. The great news is that you get to choose which area you want to focus on.

But that’s not all!

While assisting the marketing team with unique and invaluable input and suggestions, there’ll be times when you’ll get a chance to participate in other volunteer projects.

Be part of ALERT’s Lion Release Into The Wild Program and help to put a stop in the decline of lion populations. Be part of our Teaching & Healthcare Community projects by helping teachers in schools and staff members in medical clinics.

And be part of the Horse Management project as well by learning everything about our incredible African stable. The choice is yours.

How exciting is that? And where else will you get an opportunity like this one?

A Day In Your Life

  • Gain unique work experience in the tourism and hospitality industry to boost your CV while living in the heart of Zimbabwe, in the country’s leading private game reserve also known as a volunteer, polocrosse, wedding and conference destination.
  • Learn how to run an authentic African Safari Lodge by working in all the essential areas: marketing, administration and front desk, food & beverage, housekeeping. Absorb valuable information about all the fundamental details directly from each member of the team.
  • Suggest ideas, make improvements and share your skills and knowledge while you keep on learning. Your voice will be heard here!
  • Learn the basics of field guiding and African flora and fauna facts, while doing bush walks and game drives with our expert guides. It’s an incredible opportunity!
  • Immerse yourself into a new cultural environment and expand your knowledge on Zimbabwe while working alongside our local supportive team.
  • Get involved in the marketing of 25 other business that Antelope Park is the cornerstone of and contribute into making a bigger difference in Africa as each and every one of them having a positive impact on conservation and communities in Africa.
  • Meet volunteers from all over the world and get a chance to be involved in their projects as part of your own creative enlightenment. Make friend for life along the way!
  • Enjoy one of Africa’s most unique parks, featured in BBC’s Nature’s Miracle Orphans, ITV’s Lion Country and Animal Planet’s Roaring with Pride. What you saw on TV now you can see with your own eyes.

Our Start Dates for 2021 are:

  • 11, 25 January
  • 8, 22 February
  • 8, 22 March
  • 5, 19 April
  • 3, 17, 31 May
  • 14, 28 June
  • 5, 12, 19, 26 July
  • 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 August
  • 13, 27 September
  • 11, 25, October
  • 8, 22 November
  • 6, 20 December

Our Start Dates for 2022 are:

  • 10, 24 January
  • 7, 21 February
  • 7, 21 March
  • 4, 18 April
  • 2, 16, 30 May
  • 13, 27 June
  • 4, 11, 18, 25 July
  • 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 August
  • 12, 26 September
  • 10, 24, October
  • 7, 21 November
  • 5, 19 December
Duration Cost GBP Cost USD
1 Week £ 769 $ 1,115
2 Weeks £ 1,099 $ 1,594
3 Weeks £ 1,638 $ 2,375
4 Weeks £ 2,072 $ 3,004
5 Weeks £ 2,275 $ 3,299
6 Weeks £ 2,478 $ 3,593
7 Weeks £ 2,646 $ 3,837
8 Weeks £ 2,912 $ 4,222
9 Weeks £ 3,213 $ 4,659
10 Weeks £ 3,570 $ 5,177
11 Weeks £ 3,927 $ 5,694
12 Weeks £ 4,284 $ 6,212


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