Impact WOD & Community Development 

Fitness adventures around Africa while making a difference

→ Prices start from $1944 or £1353 for 2 week

Making a difference with daily fitness workouts

Do you have a passion for fitness? Are you keen to make a difference to local communities? Then this is the project for you! ImpactWOD gives you the opportunity to wake up every morning to the beautiful sounds of Africa, take part in a daily morning workout with like-minded individuals and then spend the rest of the day making a difference to the lives within local communities.

This unique project takes place at Antelope Park in Zimbabwe, a beautiful private game park nestled in 3000 acres of classic savannah grassland boasting a multitude of animals such as giraffe, elephant, wildebeest, zebra, kudu and the iconic African lion.

Change lives with exercise

Sports and exercise have the power to change lives. It motivates and encourages you to achieve anything you put your mind to. Join our incredible team and trainers on the ground, committed to fitness and providing opportunities for anyone with the same passion to get involved.

Take on some challenging but very rewarding daily workouts with some of Africa’s most incredible views and landscapes as your gym. Develop your own fitness levels and set personal goals, whilst also promoting fitness and its importance to the local community.

What’s more? Your involvement in this project also contributes significantly to our conservation efforts, caring for and working with our magnificent lions & elephants. Making a difference starts here!

  • Motivation – As a community, we come from a culture of motivation, determination and most importantly, fun!  When we get together, we train, we celebrate each other’s achievements and progress, motivate each other to get better and lift each other when we fall.  It is these values of true sportsmanship that we strive to pass on to the communities that we work with.
  • Movement – Increase your knowledge about the efficient, safe and functional movement of the body. Learn how to get the most out of your body and how to challenge it.
  • Learning – Gain a basic understanding of what fitness is and how to improve on it. This will include gymnastics, weightlifting co-ordination and monostructural met cons (running etc).  Learn how to pass this knowledge on to the communities who do not have access to facilities, or the knowledge of how important fitness is.
  • Nutrition – Only 4% of Zimbabwe’s children receive the minimal recommended diet. This is where you come in. To promote the importance of following a healthy diet. Learn from our professionals and educate local kids about how to get the best out of the food that is available and affordable to the local communities.
  • Sports Variety The beauty of this project is that it is open to anyone from any sporting discipline or background, and anyone who has a general interest in fitness. This allows us to implement different types of sports experience within the community. This wide breadth of experience shows the children what is out there in the world and helps to create opportunities for them by boosting talent, as well as learning more for yourself about different sporting disciplines.
  • Opportunity – This is your opportunity to learn the local culture, learn about the needs of the communities and introduces you to life in Zimbabwe. We can learn a lot more than we think about these children!
  • Unique Environment – Experience workouts under an African sunrise at Zimbabwe’s Leading Private Game Reserve, Antelope Park.
  • Explore – Spend your free time exploring everything Zimbabwe has to offer by visiting Victoria Falls (one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World), rhino trekking, or discovering the Great Zimbabwe Ruins.
  • Friendships – Make friends for life with other international volunteers along the way! Meet likeminded people from all over the world and combine your shared passion for making a difference!
  • FUN!! – People from all over the world have the opportunity to meet, spend time and play games with each other while creating true Sportsmanship in a fun and life-changing environment.

Fitness like no other

ImpactWOD offers a gym like no other. Engage in challenging daily workouts against an African safari backdrop.

Our tailored training programs focus on functional fitness as well as a broad spectrum of other training systems, such as metabolic conditioning, Olympic weightlifting, and endurance training.

Develop your own skills and fitness levels as an athlete, fitness enthusiast or coach, while providing the vital components to make a positive difference to the lives within the local communities.

Make a difference to the local communities

You will get to “Go Mad” (Make A Difference) and impact the communities and environment around you as you assist in various duties within the local schools that we work with including coaching and teaching the children about sports, fitness and nutrition, as well as introducing them to the endless opportunities that the fitness world has to offer.

Sports and fitness are incredible tools that help children build their confidence and sportsmanship and learn to work as a team.

Here you can teach new skills and share your passion in a fun and interactive way while providing support, motivation and encouragement.

Become a role model for these local children and watch them flourish and become equally as passionate for health and fitness. Their excitement and determination for learning a new skill can teach us a thing or two. 

AMEarly Morning Sunrise WOD.
Work with children in special needs classes
Early Morning Sunrise WOD.
Assist teachers at the local Primary School
Early Morning Sunrise WOD.
Work with children in special needs classes
Early Morning Sunrise WOD.
Assist teachers at the rural Julena Primary School
Early Morning Sunrise WOD.
Provide teaching assistance at the Mickey Mouse Pre-School
Early Morning Sunrise WOD.
Mid - MorningTeach children about the importance of a nutrition and fitness.Get involved in the building of the additional classrooms for Julena Primary SchoolTeach children a new fitness exercise showing the correct movements.Help prepare meat and feed the lions
PMTeach children the basic knowledge of body movement.Fun fitness session with the children to encourage sportsmanship and teamworkHelp to stimulate lions behaviour making toys out of natural materials
EveningFree time to bond and relax with your fellow volunteersGames/Movie Night/Quiz night with a twist!Movie NightOvernight horse safari (additional cost)Free time to bond and relax with your fellow volunteersTake our 4 rescued elephants on a walk through the reserve

*This is a rough example of how your week as an ImpactWOD and Community Development volunteer could look. However, due to the nature of the project, these activities may change on a daily basis.

Highlights of our Impact WOD volunteer project

The opportunities Zimbabwe present are staggering and promise to provide an experience of a lifetime. From unique wildlife encounters & historic sites to one of the seven natural wonders of the world; isn’t it time you experienced the hype for yourself?


From tracking white rhino on foot and game drives, to cave paintings, hikes     and the historic grave of Cecil Rhodes; Matopos offer a whole array of activity, with one of Zimbabwe’s most stunning national parks as your backdrops.

Victoria Falls

Whether you are cruising along the Zambezi river or bungee jumping into the mist itself; a visit to one of the seven natural wonders of the world is one for the bucket list. From exhilarating adrenaline packed activities to game viewing in beautiful Botswana, there is something for everyone on the doorstep of the magnificent falls.

Great Zimbabwe Ruins

These are Africa’s 2nd oldest ruins behind the pyramids and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Spend the day trekking around these ancient ruins and learn about ancient kings of the past and ancient Zimbabwean culture.

About Antelope Park

Welcome to a wildlife haven. Antelope Park is a beautiful private game park, located in 300 acres of classic savannah grassland, with a multitude of plains game roaming the park, including zebra, giraffe, impala and wildebeest, kudu, waterbuck and over 200 different species of bird. A quintessential setting like no other. With no large predators roaming the park, it makes for the perfect place for a horse adventure. You will be amazed as to exactly how close you can get to a giraffe on horseback! No loud engines to scare them away, just you, the horse and the bush. A truly stunning moment.

Your Antelope Park adventure will take you far beyond the boundaries of the park itself. Take the opportunity to see the best of what Zimbabwe has to offer with additional trips to Matopos National Park, Victoria Falls, and the Great Zimbabwe Ruins, just to name a few!

Meet like-minded people are all over the world and make friendships for life.

Find out more about this unique location 

What’s on offer at Antelope Park?

Discover the Thrill of the Chase – an unforgettable and special experience, watching our lion’s natural behaviours come to life in the most incredible way- during a hunt. Watch our cubs demonstrating their innate and natural instincts, with the possibility of seeing a lion make a kill with your own eyes! 

Our Semi-Wild Release Pride await you

Take a trip out into our release site and conduct important research on our semi-wild Ngamo pride, living the life of any wild lion pride. You will be fully involved with collecting vital data on lion behaviour, pride dynamics and their physical traits.

All the research carried out moves us closer to our ultimate conservation goal of releasing four lionesses into the wild. Find out more about our Release program with ALERT. 

Our magnificent four rescue elephants spend their day roaming the bush from dawn until dusk and you can join them! Scroll alongside these gentle giants and admire them up-close.

Our Start Dates for 2021 are:

  • March 2 – 16
  • May 4 – 18


DurationCost GBPCost USD
2 Weeks£ 1353$ 1944
3 Weeks£ 1776$ 2544
4 Weeks£ 2188$ 3129
5 Weeks£ 2589$ 3700
6 Weeks£ 2974$ 4250
7 Weeks£ 3358$ 4800
8 Weeks£ 3743$ 5350

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