Community Healthcare & Medical Volunteering

Antelope Park, Zimbabwe

→ 2020 Prices start from $1008 or £769 for 1 weeks

Volunteering with the Community

Nothing is more rewarding than lending a helping hand to those in need when it comes to health-related issues.  

That’s why with this project, not only will you be playing a vital part in making a positive impact in the lives of unprivileged residents, but you will also be gaining invaluable experience by learning first-hand how the medical system works in Zimbabwe. 

This is a chance of a lifetime to “Go MAD” (Make A Difference) and help local communities in an invaluable way.

Your Project, Your Purpose

You’ll be lending a helping hand in some of the local clinics, situated in Zimbabwe’s poorest areas.  The range of services you’ll be part of includes full maternity care, opportunistic infection (HIV and TB), extended program of immunization, outpatient consultation for children and adults and medical dispensing pharmacy among others. Also, you will accompany qualified staff in supporting home-based care, not just physically but also psychologically.  It is through the volunteers’ input that these clinics become fully operational.

You may join the overwhelmed staff at the busy maternity ward during the night shift and assist them during childbirth, which is not allowed or possible in first world countries. 

This is a unique opportunity to gain valuable medical experience, while offering vital support to clinics that are generally understaffed and lack resources. By doing so, you’ll greatly improve the lives of those patients who depend on the program’s success. Your contribution in community healthcare will have a lasting impact on the patients you meet and support. But it is the impact these people will have on you that is simply lifechanging.

Providing invaluable medical support to those who need it most.

  • Experience hands-on how the medical system works in Zimbabwe by providing much-needed assistance in a clinic and learn about the challenges these local communities face every day.    
  • Immerse yourself in traditional Zimbabwean life and culture when you connect directly with patients that require extra care.
  • Help dedicated nurses to bring new life into this world when you assist them during childbirth. It’s as rewarding and unforgettable as it sounds.  
  • Join home-visits for patients who need extra care and support and for mothers and their newborn babies.
  • Support the staff with essential healthcare education like hygiene and nutrition and immunization campaigns such as HIV/AIDS among other infectious diseases.
  • Part of your daily activities includes counting pills and dispensing medicine among many others.
  • Help with documenting, filing, cleaning and general maintenance in the clinic you’ll be assigned to.
Combinations on Offer

Combine your Teaching journey with our Community Teaching efforts, Horse opportunities or Wildlife Conservation activities, for an all-rounded experience!

Lion, Elephant & Wildlife Management: Get involved with our wildlife conservation efforts, caring for our lions, engaging with our elephants and maintaining our Game park.

Horses: Become fully immersed with the running of our authentic African Stables, with unique and unforgettable riding opportunities on offer.

Teaching & Community Volunteering 4

Community Teaching: Take our conservation efforts out into the local community, as well as providing vital individualised teaching assistance in local schools.

Photography Volunteering

Wildlife Photography: Discover the beauty of the African bush, through the lens, while taking advantage of guaranteed wildlife photo opportunities, to add to your portfolio.

Our Start Dates for 2021 are:

  • 4, 18 January
  • 1 & 15 February
  • 1, 15, 29 March
  • 5 & 19 April
  • 3, 17, 31 May
  • 7 & 21 June
  • 5, 12, 19 & 26 July
  • 2, 16, 23 & 30 August
  • 6 & 20 September
  • 4 & 18 October
  • 1, 15 & 29 November
  • 13 & 27 December


Duration Cost GBP Cost USD
1 Week

£ 839

$ 1,099
2 Weeks £ 1,199 $ 1,571
3 Weeks £ 1,523 $ 1,995
4 Weeks £ 1,845 $ 2,417
5 Weeks £ 2,168 $ 2,840
6 Weeks £ 2,490 $ 3,262
7 Weeks £ 2,812 $ 3,684
8 Weeks £ 3,135 $ 3,764
9 Weeks £ 3,457 $ 4,529
10 Weeks £ 3,780 $ 4,952
11 Weeks £ 4,102 $ 5,374
12 Weeks £ 4,425 $ 5,797


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