Community and Conservation

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

→ 2020 Prices start from $1007 or £769 for 1 weeks

Community and Conservation Volunteering

Few things are more fascinating and rewarding than immersing ourselves in a different culture. After the initial encounter, it’s when we realize that what we have in common is much more important than our differences.

With this project, not only will you be making an impact in the lives of rural communities by educating unprivileged children, empowering young girls and caring for old vulnerable people but you will also be experiencing the beauty of Africa’s adventure capital, Victoria Falls, every day!

Some of the poorest people are usually the happiest and the most generous. In fact, hundreds of volunteers have commented that they cannot believe how people in Zimbabwe are so happy and content yet they have so very little.

This is a chance of a lifetime to “Go Mad” (Make A Difference) and help local communities deal with their most challenging problems, while at the same time getting impacted by them.  It is life changing!

Volunteer Reviews


Danique van Zadwijk

Being here made me happy! I’ve loved doing volunteer work in the community, this is something I will never forget. Go and see the beautiful nature and get to know these kind and beautiful people of Zimbabwe! Make a difference by helping others, you can always do something!


Renate van den Doel

My time on the community project has been amazing. I got an amazing bond with the people at the projects and every time we arrived at one of the projects I was filled with excitement. I became best friends with pretty much everyone and I loved to see how we could really make a difference.

Your Project, Your Purpose

You will alternate your days between local schools, rural communities and old people’s homes as this project puts you face to face with Zimbabwe’s economic reality. It’s an incredibly rewarding, unforgettable and satisfying experience.

It’s been a very tough few years in Zimbabwe due to the economic problems the country has been going through. It has caused poverty, hunger and it has crippled the education system. With this project, the goal is to help and assist the people who need it the most.

Here’s where you make your big entrance!

This unique opportunity will allow you to make a sustainable difference in the future of this nation and your chance to change lives will come in many forms.

You will work with rural communities to educate them on meeting the challenges of living alongside dangerous animals like lions and elephants. Conducting this type of outreach initiatives helps minimize human-wildlife conflict within the surrounding communities for the benefit of both.

Young girls will be empowered through education thanks to your help. Young kids will be receiving extra aid thanks to your help. Patients living with HIV/AIDS and the elderly will benefit thanks to your help.

But let’s talk specifics!

Community Volunteering in Victoria Falls

When it comes to rural areas, people often encounter and have to live along with wildlife. Most of the rural communities are in the very close proximity to the National Parks areas and forestry lands which harbour a lot of wildlife. Since all these protected areas are not fenced their interaction with wildlife is very high and not always pleasant, unfortunately. As a result of negative interactions such as crop raids by elephants, livestock predation by lions and injury or death of a loved one due to wildlife attacks often results in the children growing up with a negative attitude towards wildlife. This leads to human practices such as poaching, deforestation and even retaliatory kills to biodiversity loss.

You will help to conduct conservation education classes aiming to teach the children in these areas on how to protect themselves when around wildlife, how to protect their environment and sustainable use of natural resources. Through these lessons, we aim to equip the children with skills which will enable co-existence between them as human and the wildlife in their area as well as encourage them to grow up as conservationists.

Helping Zimbabwe’s local communities, one person at a time!

A Day In Your Life

  • Immerse yourself into a new cultural environment and expand your knowledge on Zimbabwe while working alongside our local support team and professional staff at the schools
  • Become much more than a teacher and more of a role model, when you help kids that are falling behind in their education, by providing one-on-one support that otherwise, they would not get
  • Assist with outreach initiatives in the local communities by delivering conservation education lessons in local schools and get a handle on issues to develop methods to try and reduce the level of conflicts
  • Empower young girls through education and support them in believing in themselves and embracing their everyday challenges
  • Make a positive impact on the lives of orphaned and vulnerable children through activities, lessons and games at after school club programs run at a local orphanage
  • Make a difference when you visit the elderly in their homes, when you assist local teachers in rural schools and when you help social workers with mobile clinic visits
  • At an additional cost, fill your weekends with adrenaline activities like bungee jumping and white-water rafting. Take advantage of optional trips to wildlife havens like Botswana’s Chobe National Park or visit our wild-born cubs in release sites located at our bases in Livingstone, Zambia or Antelope Park, Zimbabwe
  • Make friends for life with other international volunteers while you play a vital role in the conservation of one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World and World Heritage Site, the magnificent Victoria Falls and, the Zambezi National Park

Our Start Dates for 2019 are:

  • 7 & 21 October
  • 4 & 18 November
  • 2,16 & 30 December

Our Start Dates for 2020 are:

  • 6, 13 & 27 January
  • 10 & 24 February
  • 9 & 23 March
  • 6 & 20 April
  • 4 & 18 May
  • 1, 15 & 29 June
  • 6, 13, 20 & 27 July
  • 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 August
  • 7 & 21 September
  • 5 & 19 October
  • 2, 16 & 30 November
  • 14 & 28 December
DurationCost GBPCost USD
2 Weeks£ 1,030.00$ 1,524.00
3 Weeks£ 1,308.00$ 1,935.00
4 Weeks£ 1,585.00$ 2,345.00
5 Weeks£ 1,862.00$ 2,755.00
6 Weeks£ 2,139.00$ 3,165.00
7 Weeks£ 2,416.00$ 3,575.00
8 Weeks£ 2,693.00$ 3,985.00
9 Weeks£ 2,970.00$ 4,395.00
10 Weeks£ 3,247.00$ 4,805.00
11 Weeks£ 3,524.00$ 5,215.00
12 Weeks£ 3,801.00$ 5,625.00
DurationCost GBPCost USD
1 Week£ 769$ 1,007
2 Weeks£ 1,099$ 1,440
3 Weeks£ 1,396$ 1,829
4 Weeks£ 1,691$ 2,215
5 Weeks£ 1,987$ 2,603
6 Weeks£ 2,282$ 2,989
7 Weeks£ 2,578$ 3,377
8 Weeks£ 2,873$ 3,764
9 Weeks£ 3,169$ 4,151
10 Weeks£ 3,465$ 4,539
11 Weeks£ 3,760$ 4,926
12 Weeks£ 4,056$ 5,313

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