Volunteering in Zambia

Making a difference to Zambia’s communities and wildlife

Why Volunteer in Zambia

In Zambia, you can explore the remote, untouched and pure wilderness with stunning wildlife. There are many unfenced parks and camps where all kind of animals walk by the fireplace at night.

A journey through Zambia is not only about seeing big 5 game. Together with Zimbabwe; Zambia is a co-host to the Adventurous Capital of Africa – the incredible Victoria Falls.

As one of the seven natural wonders the world, Victoria Falls is a stunning work of nature, with a heap of activities on offer- A dream spot for any traveller, with the stunning falls as your backdrop.

Are you ready for a Zambian adventure…


I got a very warm welcoming from the project manager Sara from Sweden. We did amazing job with the schools, lions, nature and had a lot of great things to do after the working days were over. Zambian staff that work there are very helpful and kind, always providing me with a lot of information and responding to all my questions. I never got bored a single day. There was a lot of new experiences and adventures every day. I am really happy that I did it, I’ll have good memories for the rest of my life =)

Zambia Volunteer Destinations

With an abundance of wildlife and Zambia’s commitment to conservation, there is no better place to make a difference, not only to wildlife but also the surrounding communities.


About Zambia

Originally called Northern Rhodesia as a constitutive part of Cecil Rhodes’  vision, Zambia is incredibly rich with colonial history, but also with a history dating all to the Stone Ages.

Zambia is now one of Africa’s most urbanised countries with much of the country still pristinely wild & unspoilt, with much of the land reserved for conservation projects, national parks and game management areas. These parks also host an amazing number of African wildlife & mammals and beautiful birdlife.

Zambia is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa, with tourism as a vital factor for the country’s continuing development.

Fun Facts

  • It was legendary explorer David Livingstone, who put Zambia on the map.
  • Travelling down the Zambezi river on foot, it was Livingstone who discovered the mighty Victoria Falls.
  • The Falls are named in honour of Queen Victoria.
  • Zambia became independent from Britain in 1964. The countries independence came ten months after the collapse of the Federation of Rhodesia & Nyasaland (Malawi,) with Northern Rhodesia becoming the republic of Zambia.

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Volunteering in Zambia

In Zambia, you can explore the remote, untouched and pure wilderness with stunning wildlife. There are many unfenced parks and camps where all kind of animals walk by the fireplace at night. A journey through Zambia is not only about seeing big 5 game. Together with Zimbabwe, Zambia hosts the Adventurous Capital of Africa – the enormous Victoria Falls! The Falls are one of the seven natural wonders the world and one can see the spray of the Falls from far away. It’s simply breathtaking to walk the path along the Victoria Falls – be prepared for a wet shower!


Livingstone is a historic colonial city located only 11 km away from the world-famous Victoria Falls. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The city forms the perfect starting point for excursions to Zimbabwe, the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, and the Victoria Falls. There are various Adventure Companies that offer great activities around the city and at the Falls.

Zambia – Livingstone location

You will stay in a peaceful private section of a two-hectare property in the middle of the bush. Each basic but comfortable chalet can house up to three people. You can spend time with the other volunteers in the common lounge room, in the recreational area or use the large area outside of the buildings to play funny games or do other outdoor activities. Of course, there are toilet and shower facilities attached. Great meals will be prepared on the same property for you.

On the weekends, you can either take the time to relax at this peaceful place in the bush or you take a trip to Livingstone town, which is only 3km away from your accommodation, to either discover this beautiful city or to visit the Adventure Capital of Africa – the enormous Victoria Falls.


  • Common lounge Area
  • Recreational Area
  • Space for Outdoor Activities 

Extras (additional cost)

  • Dinner/sunset boat cruise on the Zambezi River
  • Trek alongside white rhinos on foot in the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park
  • Discover an incredible array of iconic wildlife, on safari at the Chobe National Park
  • Bungee jumping and gorge swings over the Batoka Gorge at Victoria Falls
  • White water rafting down the Lower Zambezi River
  • Kick start your Adrenaline by swimming in Devil`s Pool, situated right on the top of the falls, this will push you right to the edge of your comfort zone. (August – February)
  • Helicopter or microlight flight above the Falls
  • Canoeing safaris on the Zambezi River
  • Walk with lions in Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe)

During your stay in Livingstone, you get the opportunity to experience some of the greatest sights of Zambia:

  • Victoria Falls: adrenaline activities like bungee jumping, white water rafting, swim in Devil`s Pool (seasonal), and microlight flight
  • Visit the Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park, which is situated along the Zambezi River and which offers great sights of various animals (no predators)
  • Visit the Chobe National Park, the oldest national park of Botswana, which offers excellent river drives and floodplain views!
  • Visit our sister project in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, to walk with cubs as a day trip

Zambia Volunteer Projects

Sports and Community Development

Sports is one of the best tools to develop fundamental life skills in children, such as teamwork, commitment, determination, self-belief, understanding and communication!

Location: Livingstone

Duration: 2 – 12 Weeks

Education & Community Development

Many schools in rural areas of Zambia are currently suffering from a serious shortage of classrooms, educational resources and formally trained teachers.

Location: Livingstone

Duration: 2 – 12 Weeks

Girl Empowerment

This is your opportunity to go M.A.D. (make a difference) in rural communities who are really struggling on a daily basis and would highly benefit from your support and assistance! What are you waiting for?

Location: Livingstone

Duration: 2 – 12 Weeks

Highlights & Excursions

Zambia offers endless opportunities from adrenaline filled activities to world-class safari experiences; right on the doorstep of the mighty Victoria Falls. With easy access between Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana; this your chance to easy more, do more and experience more on offer.


Hop over to Botswana for either one full-day safari including boat cruise and game drive or 2-day trip for experiencing camping out in the real bush. If you are under 18, bring a copy of your birth certificate and confirmation letter from your parents.

Devils Pool

This is the ultimate infinity pool and one of the most exciting& exhilarating experiences you can embark on. Swim and lean over on the edge to see the 100-meter waterfall drop and discover the falls from an angle like no other.

Bungee Jump

Terrifying. Breathtaking. Absolutely crazy. The best thing in life! There are so many ways to describe this. For some people, it’s the best bungee in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zambia safe to visit?

Zambia is generally very safe, especially when you are on an organized trip, taking part in tourist activities or safari based activities.

There are around 800,000 tourists a year who visit Zambia. Check out our safety tips for more information on keeping safe, whilst out exploring.

What is the weather/climate in Zambia?

The weather and climate in Southern Africa are reversed to the Northern Hemisphere. The weather is generally warm reaching hot most days, with evening cool to warm evenings.

However, during the winter months, May-September the climate dropped significantly, with the evening dropping to very low temperatures, although will remain warm during the days.

The summer months, October- April can get very hot; with October reaching peak temperatures.

Between the raining season December-February, you can expect some cloud coverage and rain to cool things down, however, these are usually short and sharp.

What is the currency in Zambia?

The Zambian currency is the Kwacha (KR.) This is the only currency that can be used for domestic and internal transactions.

The Kwacha cannot be obtained outside of Zambia. USD, GBP, Euros and most other major currencies can be exchanged at airports or local banks. You can withdraw cash at ATMs and most large retailers, hotels accept major international credit cards.

MasterCard & Visa are usually accepted.

Which Electrical Plugs are used in Zambia?

Generally, power sockets in Zambia are ‘ Type G’ the square three pin style, found in the UK.

You may also find some three round pin style sockets (Type D) found in South Africa.

What is the language in Zambia?

The official language of Zambia is English, alongside seven vernacular languages, including Bemba, Nyanja, Lozi, Tonga, Kaonde, Luvale and Lunda.

What should stay in your hand luggage when travelling?

All valuables should be kept in your hand luggage, not left in your checked bags.

We would also recommend if you have connecting flights, to re-check in your bags in your stop off country, to minimise the risk of your luggage getting lost.

Is there malaria in Zambia?

We advise you to bring an ample supply of anti-malarial tablets for your entire time in both, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe and Livingstone, Zambia. 

Ask your doctor to prescribe the best ones available. We do not recommend Larium (sometimes known to cause hallucinations) nor Doxycycline (many people have bad reactions to the sun when using it).

Is there ‘Big 5’ game in Zambia

There is plenty of ‘Big 5’ game roaming national parks in Zambia.  The ‘Big 5’ include the elephant, lion, leopard, rhino and buffalo.

Hot spots for wildlife viewing include: Kafue, Zambia’s largest National Park, the renowned Mana Pools National Park, bordering Zimbabwe and South Luangwa Valley; for some of the best game viewing, not only in Zambia but the whole of Africa!

Know Before You Go

Visa Requirements

Packing List

Code of Conduct

Volunteering Safety Tips

  • Avoid travelling alone, especially at night.
  • Ensure that excessive amounts of cash are left in safe boxes, not lying around in plain sight.
  • Do not carry excessive amounts of cash on you
  • If you are taking a taxi anywhere, make sure you book it in advance through a trusted and reliable driver.
  • Avoid wandering down dark streets, even in large groups.
  • Be aware and alert at bars and ATMs. Do not leave your drink unattended at any time. If you drink has been left out of your sight, discard it. Be watchful at ATM’s and try not to withdraw large amounts of cash at one time.
  • Do not enter township areas without being accompanied by one of our local staff members.
  • Be wary of people who seem too friendly too fast.
  • Avoid leaving your personal items like bags or mobile phones unattended.
  • Do not share personal information with anyone under any circumstances.
  • Save your project manager’s number on your phone and make sure to provide us with a copy of your emergency contact person at home.

Zambia Vaccinations

Please consult with your private physician or doctor in regards to what immunizations or vaccinations are needed.  

Our recommendations:

  • Tetanus: Recommended
  • Hepatitis A&B: Recommended
  • Typhoid: Recommended
  • Malaria:  We advise you to bring an ample supply of anti-malarial tablets to last the duration of your stay in Livingstone. Ask your doctor to prescribe the best ones available. We do not recommend Larium (sometimes known to cause hallucinations) nor Doxycycline (many people have bad reactions to the sun when using it).
  • Yellow Fever: Zambia is NOT at risk to yellow fever.

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