Zambia Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements for Zambia

On arrival in Zambia, you must ask for a 30-day Business Visa and state that you are volunteering on behalf of ALERT (the African Lion and Environmental Research Trust).

If further clarification is needed by the immigration authorities, please make sure you provide a copy of the “Letter of Invitation” that Sara will provide in the Welcome Email.

Visas on arrival must be paid in cash (USD) at immigration. Below are the details of the current prices. Please have additional cash at hand as the visa rules are subject to change and the price may have increased.

Please check the visa prices before leaving your country as Visa rules and prices are subject to change and also differs from the country of origin:

Business Visa


Single Entry   Double Entry Multiple Entry
US$ 50 US$ 80 US$ 80

Please note: If you intend to take part in any of our optional trips to Botswana or Zimbabwe it is advisable for you to get a double-entry Visa for Zambia when you arrive as this is cheaper than buying two single entries.

You can even ask for a Multiple-entry Visa as it costs the same as the Double-entry Visa.

Please do not forget to check your country’s visa requirements for Botswana or Zimbabwe as well, regardless of how much time you spend on an excursion, you will need a valid Visa.  

If asked to give an address of where you will be staying in Zambia, please use:

Serenity, (Old Farmhouse) 1942 Sichango rd, Livingstone.

American Volunteers

Your embassy has kindly appealed to all Americans travelling to Africa that you ought to register your travel plans and presence in Zambia (or indeed any country you plan to travel to) on the American Embassy Website

It is advised that you also carry the Consul Department of the American Embassy telephone number while you are travelling:  01-25 09 55 ext 2261.

If you are staying in the country for longer than 30 days, whether on project or travelling, you will need to get a Temporary Employment Permit (TEP). Don’t panic – the team on the ground will assist you with this process.  

How it works is that you’ll get your Business Visa upon arrival (if this is applicable to your nationality/passport) and then apply for the TEP once on a project.

Please note, to be eligible for TEP, you need a degree or be in the process of getting one, preferably in connection to conservation.

To apply for the TEP, please ensure that you have the following documentation with you (already printed out, or readily available on a USB or hard drive):

  • A certified copy of your passport (certified/signed by a notary, justice of the peace, court official)
  • A copy of your highest qualification (proof of college/university degree)
  • 4 passport photos

The cost of 3-month TEP which is payable in the local currency only, is 4500 Kwacha (around $500).

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