Internship Overview

Africa’s breath-taking landscapes and majestic wildlife have long captivated travelers worldwide. However, the delicate balance of these ecosystems and the survival of their inhabitants face on-going threats. We are dedicated to preserving Africa’s natural resources and wildlife through wildlife research, conservation, captive animal care and habitat restoration.

For those aspiring to pursue a career in wildlife, breaking into these fields can be difficult, but immensely rewarding.

Our Wildlife Internships and Service Learning opportunities provide a stepping stone int these careers. Our experienced staff, who have traversed similar paths, will guide and support you as you contribute your skills and gain a competitive edge in your chosen field.

Engage in diverse tasks, such as monitoring, rehabilitating and managing our 2000 hectare reserve, participating in wildlife research and monitoring, maintenance projects, and caring for captive animals. There are ample opportunities for interns to follow their interests, or even pursue research aligned with your university thesis, thus contributing to the on going research and work.

Our internship program encompasses a diverse range of projects allowing you to gain exposure to multiple areas of conservation work. Moreover, you have the flexibility to focus your efforts on projects that align with your specific skills and interests. Including tailored options for theses projects at an additional cost.

Join our team and our commitment to environmental preservation and the safeguarding of Africa’s natural heritage. Together, let us create a lasting impact.

Internship Highlights

  • Camera Trap Survey – Camera traps help capture rare species in our forest, revealing intricate spot and strip patterns and whisker details that are otherwise difficult to observe. This information enhances our understanding of individuals and confirms population status, while teaching valuable skills in camera trap management, species identification and data analysis.
  • Elephant Impact Monitoring – Excessive elephant populations in upper Zambezi have efffects on the other species and vegetation, compounded by the growing human population. Monitoring involves tracking elephant movements, assessing vegetation through photo points, quadrants, and transects. Skills gained include conducting transectsand collecting and analyzing data using various methods.
  • Captive Wildlife Enrichment Study – Comparing wild and captive populations’ reactions to stimuli aids wildlife population studies. The intention of this project is to utilise the opportunity created by having captive animals fr research purposes that can be used in wildlife population studies. This project develops skills in research techniques, initiative and data analysis.
  • Mammal Transects – Ongoing monitoring in Zambezi National Park and its surroundings, studying population dynamics, distribution and health, while addressing the impact of human population growth on wildlife and ecosystems. This initiative offers opportunities to acquire skills in conducting transects, research techniques, body score chart assessement, data analysis, species and sex identification, as well as basic QGIS and comparative data analysis.

In addition to our existing internship programs, which offer valuable work experience, university placements and data collection opportunities for ongoing projects, we also provide the option to collaborate with us on creating a tailored program specifically fro conducting in-depth research for your university thesis ot dissertation.

Internship Details

Fuller Forest - Victoria Falls

Our volunteer village is nestled in Fuller Forest – 4000 acres of pristine forest estate, surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. You will stay in our spacious and authentic safari tents of 2-4 people with a large ablution block just a few steps away.

In your free time, you can enjoy the volunteer lounge overlooking the watering hole and your quintessential bush surroundings. Enjoy 3 wholesome meals a day, freshly prepared by our onsite chefs and build friendships with fellow volunteers. 

It’s only a 20-minute drive to Victoria Falls Town, which boasts a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, steps from the magnificent Falls themselves. The forest is also only a 10-minute drive from the Victoria Falls international airport. 

So, you have the best of both – immersed into the tranquillity of the African bush, surrounded by wildlife, our resident lions & nature; whilst moments away from the hustle and bustle of Victoria Falls, a tourist hotspot with a vibrant atmosphere and unique opportunities. 

You will be waking up to the sounds of crickets and birds every day, the lions roaring, or elephants trumpeting. Here, each day will offer exciting new experiences and surprises. 

Weekly Itinerary

Each day will be varied and exciting, rotating between the many different activities that go with achieving our conservation goals, as well as ensuring the best possible care for all our animals and wildlife.

Weekly activities include:


  • Care and upkeep of our resident animals.
  • Widllife Enrichments Projects.
  • Elephant Impact Monitoring.
  • Camera Trapping.
  • Mammal Transects.
  • Nocturnal species survey.
  • Bird Surveys.
  • Research and Data Entry.
I cannot even begin to explain how great of a time I had! I learned so much, weather that be tips to survive out in the African bush, things about specific species that are found in Africa, or techniques on how to conduct camera trapping and avian point count surveys. I enjoyed that I was able to pick projects and stick with the ones I was passionate about, and that I could ask any questions along the way. Before going abroad was I wasn’t sure if I would be able to because I didn’t know if proper accommodations could be made from my dietary restrictions. However wildlife encounter made the process easy and they made sure to communicate with me about all of it. I enjoyed my time on project and all my free time getting to go on excursions as well. Overall it was a great location, with amazing staff and guides, and I want to go back already!
Lindsey Czopek - Wildlife Research Intern - United States

Quick Facts


  • Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
  • Victoria Falls International Airport
  • Selected Mondays (All Year Round)
  • 4-12 weeks

$3,595 – $7,595

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Activities as part of project
  • Airport Transfers
  • Laundry 
  • Wifi
  • 24 hour support on site
  • Flights
  • Travel & Medical Insurance
  • Air Evacuation Insurance 
  • Visa Costs
  • Extra Activities & Excursions

Projects starts every Monday

DurationCost GBPCost USD
4 Weeks£ 2,995$ 3,595
6 Weeks£ 3,830$ 4,595
8 Weeks£ 4,663$ 5,595
10 Weeks£ 5,495$ 6,595
12 Weeks£ 6,330$ 7,595

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