Why Zanzibar should be on your bucket list

Why you should add Zanzibar to your bucket list!

Zanzibar boasts some of the most stunning views in the world. A charming tropical paradise, with incredible white beaches, lined with palm tree and crystal-clear waters.

But there is more to this idealistic island than meets the eye. Rich with culture, history and a vibrant atmosphere, this magical island is a hotspot for many good reasons.

Here are just a handful of good ones as to why Zanzibar should be on your bucket list.

Unbelievable Beaches

We have all seen the perfect pictures, demonstrating Zanzibar as an unbelievable paradise.

The reality? It’s true! They really do look exactly like this. But at the same time, they have some very unique qualities, that make them even more amazing.

One being, the stark contrast between high tide and low tide. You can be walking along the bottom of the ocean and just a few hours later, it’s around 4 meters below the water level!

One of nature’s finest sensations.

Breathtaking Oceans

If you are a natural water baby, then Zanzibar promises not to disappoint.

While most island destinations offer perfect access to some fine waters, only a handful offer the ideal conditions for exploring stunning coral reefs and exquisite marine wildlife comfortably.

Zanzibar goes further and offers some of the finest spots in the world and some of the world’s least visited coral reef. There is a hub of water-based activities on offer.

With some of the world’s finest snorkelling and scuba diving on offer and incredible crystal-clear oceans; This is truly a hotspot for marine lovers.

Fascinating History & Vibrant Culture as a World Heritage Site

Zanzibar is rich with history and culture. Where better to explore this than in Stone Town, the cultural heart of Zanzibar.

This lively trading town will offer you an insight into the intriguing mix of different influences, combining Africa, Arabia, India and Europe into one culture hub.

Nestled on the coast of the Indian Ocean you can fund some of Stone Town’s most famous buildings: the Arab Font, the House of Wonders and the Palace Museum.

The sheer history surrounding this magical island will amaze you beyond your wildest expectations.

Right on mainland Tanzania’s doorstep

Welcome to the land of the magnificent, world-famous Serengeti, where nearly 2 million wildebeest and zebra migrate in their sheer- numbers, as part of “Greatest Wildlife show on the planet”, one of Africa’s most extraordinary cycles of life.

The vast density of game between Tanzania’s Serengeti & Kenya’s Maasai Mara is incredible. Seeing this breathtaking work of nature through your own eyes is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Tanzania is also home to the Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest unbroken caldera.

This vast volcanic crater and home to ‘Big 5’ game- the elephant, lion, buffalo, leopard and rhino. This iconic site also features in the famous annual migration.

Not only is the Ngorongoro Crater incredibly scenic, but also a top spot for Big 5 game viewing. One of the world’s most astonishing natural wonders; it’s time for you to experience this for yourself.

For those who are in seek of a challenge, are you brave enough to tackle the almighty Mount Kilimanjaro? Africa’s highest mountain promises an experience and challenge of a lifetime and an amazingly rewarding achievement.

Ideal weather and climate

With its desirable topical climate, the best time to visit Zanzibar is during the cool, dry months of Spring: June to October, while another popular time to visit is during the hot and dry months between December to February.

For all, you ocean enthusiasts, the best time to discover the array of underwater life, whilst scuba diving is between either July to August or February to March.

From the beach to bush; combine your trip to Zanzibar with the herds of wildebeest charging through the Serengeti.

Your ultimate Indian Ocean experience begins here.

There are few destinations in the world that can offer such diverse opportunities. From eyewatering beaches, an abundance of game in the neighbouring land of Tanzania, culture and history in a vibrant city and world-class water activities and marine wildlife, in some of the world’s least visited coral reefs.

This is just scratching the surface on one of Africa’s best-kept secrets. But, if you want to make your trip even more worthwhile and incredible, don’t forget about our incredible marine wildlife volunteer program.

We promise you now, combining volunteering with all the hotspots of this stunning island, will be the best trip you could possibly take.

But don’t just take our word for it, experience it for yourself!

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