Why Us

Our Purpose, Your Purpose

It’s never easy to choose a volunteer project or volunteer organization when the stakes are so high. Time, money and the dreams of how you can contribute to different causes are incredibly precious to you. We know that because most of us started as volunteers as well.  That’s why here, we’d like to present to you the top 10 reasons why we think you should consider us.

#1. Our footprint across Africa is enormous: 50 projects across Eastern and Southern Africa, from Kenya to Cape Town and new projects coming soon. Stay tuned for that!

#2. We put back much more into communities and conservation than what the volunteers contribute through their project fees. This is because our business partners contribute large portions of their revenue to community and conservation work and that includes employment to local staff in absolutely all of our projects. But that’s not all! When we choose project locations, we have two very important things in mind:   Where there is a great need in communities and conservation and also where volunteers could make a difference while visiting Africa’s leading tourist destinations at a fraction of the price of the average tourist.

#3. We promote sustainable and responsible tourism! It minimizes the negative impacts of touristic activities on the environment, by contributing to maintaining and enhancing conservation through the return of revenues to protected areas, and the physical contribution of man-hours where needed.

#4. We offer 24 hour on the ground support to volunteers, and a proper detailed induction program upon arrival to prepare you for project work.

#5. Our association with ALERT (African Lion Environmental Research Trust,) makes us different from any other organization. We are at the forefront of a pioneering conservation program, established to put a stop to the dwindling number of lions in Africa.  

#6. The activities available in our projects are unique and incredible, like lion photography, elephant interactions and horse management in Antelope Park, but that’s not all! We also offer research drives within the Zambezi National Park, on the doorstep of Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  The good thing? You can do it all!

#7. In Zimbabwe we own and run our own projects and have excellent teams of people on the ground, so we are not an agency. When you volunteer with us, you are like family. We were founded in Zimbabwe, therefore our expertise and knowledge of this country are incomparable but we are committed to Africa’s future, with conservation and community projects, providing employment opportunities to locals and investing back into the country.

#8. Our project in Antelope Park won Top Volunteer Abroad Program of 2017 and that’s just one of our many awards. After all, Antelope Park is Zimbabwe’s Leading Private Game Reserve! How amazing is that?

#9. We know the sacrifices people make when they volunteer for the first time. We also know how much they have enjoyed the experience because we see them returning to their original projects in a really high rate. In 2018, we welcomed 37 returning volunteers at Antelope Park and that’s huge!

#10. We provide the highest level of services and the most incredibly fun projects because we know what we are doing! We have 14 years of experience in running volunteer projects and excellent volunteer reviews!