Who We Are

Volunteer Encounter: Creating your extraordinary volunteer experience through unique encounters that make a difference to wildlife conservation, the environment and community development.

We Feel, Therefore We Exist

We exist because we believe that volunteering is a form of sustainable tourism. It minimises the negative impacts of touristic activities on the environment, by contributing to maintaining and enhancing conservation through the return of revenues to protected areas, and the physical contribution of man-hours where needed.

We exist because we understand our volunteer’s goals. Whether altruistic or self-serving, volunteering abroad is one of the most popular ways to gain new life experiences and become a global citizen. This experience makes students more attractive to universities and makes job-seekers more attractive to employers, particularly when they volunteer in their field of proposed work or study, such as education, healthcare or natural sciences.

We exist because we believe in volunteers, who contribute both time and money. The majority of their payments stays within the destination country and goes to support the affiliated non-profit organization on the ground, which in turn is able to keep its charitable operations running, provide employment and support local businesses through trade and services. Volunteers also physically contribute by giving a large proportion of their time to perform hands-on work to benefit the non-profit organizations, local government institutions, civil service institutes and local communities.

We exist because volunteering connects international travel companies with destination-based non-profit organizations and local partner businesses for mutual benefit.   

We exist because we have an optimistic view of human nature and we pursue our vision for a better world through harmony, by focusing on wildlife conservation and community development. We are confident in achieving the highest level of success through innovation, purposeful planning and persistence. Wildlife conservation and community development are the cornerstones of everything we do. In an African context, we believe the two are inseparable.

There’s work to be done! So if you share our feelings, what are you waiting for?

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