What Is It?

  • Volunteer Encounter’s very own Referral Partner Program.
  • An opportunity for everyone and  anyone to refer potential volunteers to VE projects and get rewarded for doing so.

What’s the buzz about?

  • Successfully referring a volunteer to one of our projects means that you are actively contributing to the conservation efforts of Volunteer Encounter, both in terms of local community development and wildlife preservation
  • Volunteer Encounter has an expanding footprint across Southern Africa, Egypt and Latin America
  • Every volunteer’s contribution goes towards community empowerment, education, healthcare, wildlife research and the upkeep of our resident animals

So how does it work?

This is you, one of our meticulous honey bees, on a quest to make the world a better place.

Along your journey, you spot a pretty flower and you go in for a closer look!

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Your decision to visit the flower has paid off and you return to the hive with some valuable nectar!

This honey produced represents the hard work, energy, dedication and persistence that is felt by everyone involved in Volunteer Encounter.

It represents the difference made to both local communities and the wildlife we strive to protect.

It is the financial contributions and sacrifices made by our volunteers and teams on the ground to ensure the success of our projects.

Here’s how you claim your drop of honey:

  • 10% commission on every volunteer booked


  • a further 5% discount on your next project with us

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