Top 5 alternative Spring Break Ideas for 2020

Spring Break is just around the corner and for thousands of college students, this means it´s time to take a well-deserved break and travel to a beach paradise in Florida, Mexico or Costa Rica to relax, socialise and celebrate.

But there are also many students who would like to take this time off to do something different, something more unique or even something they have never done before. It´s the perfect opportunity for a more rewarding experience for yourself and your friends.

So for those of you who aren’t too keen on a traditional Spring Break holiday or who have already done it in the past and believe it´s time for something else, we´d love to share with you some alternative Spring Break Ideas for 2020.

Trust us when we tell you it´s still possible to enjoy the holidays, the sun, the beach and the company of your friends while doing something different and spending some quality time with your loved ones as well.

5 Alternative Spring Break Ideas for 2020

Volunteering abroad

Volunteering overseas is a very rewarding way to enjoy some time off. Giving back to communities in need while still enjoying the sun, the beach, the companionship of friends and experiencing new cultures and exotic destinations are easily possible!

You can still travel abroad, have a wonderful cultural exchange experience, learn new skills and meet amazing people during this one week while making a sustainable and long-lasting impact on people who really need the support.

There are thousands of volunteering opportunities worldwide, but given the short period of time off we recommend going somewhere a little closer to home.

As an example, Mexico, Costa Rica, Belize and Guatemala are some amazing locations where you can volunteer your time on some amazing projects while still enjoying your time in paradise.

You will be able to find projects in lots of different fields and you can choose the one that better aligns to your interests. Marine conservation, teaching assistance, medical support, sea turtles conservation, working with indigenous communities and construction are just some of the most popular ones!

Many organizations will have special packages and promotions for this specific holiday so do your research before choosing the programme that suits you best!

Volunteering Abroad

Help out in your local community

For those of you who are not in a position to travel over this specific holiday due to either financial or personal reasons, there are still lots of ways for you to have an amazing alternative spring break at home and give back to your local community.

There are lots of amazing Non Profits, local organizations, churches and small groups of people looking to help out in different areas to ensure a better quality of life for people in need.

Soup kitchens, feeding the homeless projects, supporting the elderly in retirement homes, playing with and entertaining children at hospitals… the possibilities are endless and there are so many inspiring causes and people working to make this world better!

We are sure you´ll be able to find something you´ll enjoy that will be very rewarding for you during this coming Spring Break.

Local Community Volunteer

Reconnect with your family

This is an easy one and a great way to spend your week off during Spring Break. In many cases, students tend to spend the whole semester in college, far away from their families and their home town.

And an easy way to have an alternative holiday this time around is to just fly or drive back home for some quality time with the family.

Being back home even for just a short time to catch up with the family and hometown friends is an amazing experience and something most parents would really appreciate after having their kids away for many months in a row.

So why not just spend some time with them?

If you still have the travel bug in you and want to discover another place and go elsewhere or if your college is not too far away from home, another option would be to take a short road trip with your family and get to visit some new locations at home while spending that amazing time with your loved ones!

Family Volunteering

Build homes and dreams all over your country

The well known and globally recognized Non-Profit Habitat for Humanity has been offering alternative spring break options for over 25 years by helping to build safe, affordable homes all across the United States with the help of high school and college students through the Collegiate Challenge.

So, if you want to travel somewhere at home with 5 or 6 friends while taking up very hands-on rewarding activity and making a valuable contribution to families in need, this is your chance!

Simply choose a location close to your hometown or anywhere in the country for that matter and get ready for an incredible experience you and your friends will never forget!

Construction Volunteering

Connect with your inner self

Another way of having an alternative Spring Break this year would be to take a trip on your own and reconnect with yourself and what´s around you.

There are lots of reasons to travel the world such as relaxing, adventure, learning about new cultures or just having fun. But one of the biggest perks of travel and especially solo travel is to reconnect with ourselves.

We´ve all probably found ourselves in a negative place in our life at a certain point and one of the best ways to gain perspective is to just change the environment we are in. So drop your daily routine, pack your bag and take a trip to escape the noise and focus on yourself and the nature around you.

There are lots of amazing opportunities both abroad and at home that we could recommend for this coming Spring Break for an alternative trip that will suit different budgets, tastes and availability.

So find that place and take that leap! Some of our top recommendations for this year are the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru, the Pacific Crest Trail in California and Caye Caulker in Belize!

In the end, what matters the most and what we recommend for this Spring Break is that you choose to do something that brings you joy and happiness.

It doesn’t matter if it´s a traditional Spring Break Holiday or an alternative one that allows you to connect more with yourself or give something back, as long as it makes you feel better.

We wish you an amazing holiday!

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