Tanzania Visa requirements

Visa Requirements for Tanzania

Obtaining visas is your responsibility and the information provided is to serve as a guideline only but don’t let it be stressful. Follow these guidelines and know that we are here to help answer your questions. Always check with your own country embassy/consulate for advice – they are the experts. Please check whether your home country requires you to have a Visa and if they allow you to apply for the Visa once in Tanzania.

On arrival, you will need to purchase a BUSINESS VISA for US$250 (or US$300 for US Passport Holders). To obtain this Visa you will need an Invitation letter (which will be sent to you by the project about 4 weeks prior to your arrival). Please ensure you have this letter with you when arriving at the Airport. YOU DO NOT NEED ANY PASSPORT PHOTOS.

The Immigration process has recently changed in Tanzania and so, you may find the Immigration officers in the Airport may try to tell you to get a Tourist Visa and then apply for a Volunteer or Business Visa when you arrive at your project destination – this information is out of date. At the airport, go straight to the desk and ask an official straight away for a BUSINESS VISA FORM and ARRIVALS CARD. Sometimes, you will queue for this form and need to queue again in order to receive the visa – so make sure you get the form for BUSINESS VISA’S first. Show the officials your Invitation letter. It is necessary for all visitors into Tanzania to complete the ARRIVALS CARD – this form will ask why you are visiting Tanzania – please indicate that you are a VOLUNTEER

You should have a passport valid for at least six months after your arrival date in Tanzania, so please check the expiry date. It is advisable to bring a photocopy of your passport in case you lose the original.

If asked to give an address of where you will be staying in Tanzania, please state:

Impact Community Ltd, Umoja Street, Mdawi, Moshi, Tanzania.

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