Sports Coaching and Development

Cape Town, South Africa

Opening January 2023

→ Prices start from US$2,150 for 2 weeks

Volunteering through sports development

Sport has the incredible power to bring people together and is undoubtedly one of the greatest things on this planet. It has the ability to break down barriers and provides opportunities for individuals to flourish in so many different ways.

However, with 63% of South African children living in poverty, with limited means to sporting opportunities, this leaves them vulnerable to external pressures during unoccupied hours. Our volunteers are at the forefront, making a difference by providing invaluable opportunities for involvement within the sport, which without them, would otherwise not exist.

Get ready to explore the unseen real Cape Town, hidden from the eyes of tourists.

Sports Volunteering in Cape Town

We are committed to encouraging kids to get passionate about sport, as a means of preventing them from becoming involved with crime associated with poverty. We are educating kids about the importance of so many fundamental skills including, teamwork, fair play and respecting one another.

This way, we can contribute to tackling larger issues. But, it goes further than sport. We believe that sport can act as the bridge between social divides, and can bring everyone onto one level, whilst also enhancing awareness of social issues. 

Bring your passion for life and apply your own initiative for getting kids motivated about sport and become part of our mission! Based in the vibrant and dynamic city of Cape Town; you will immerse into a township community, where you will see first hand what life is like for so many living on the poverty line. 

With physical education wiped from the South African school curriculum and limited resources on offer, this is where our volunteers come in; to enable new opportunities for engagement.

We believe education to be the best defence against occurring social issues, so with education, combined with enjoyment, let’s show these kids a more fulfilled life, with the presence of sport. You will become so much more than simply a coach; but also a mentor and a friend to township community members, who strive for a better quality of life.

A Day In Your Life

Get ready to make a difference to a kids life, as you get involved in local schools, with limited resources. Work with coaches to come up with exciting and beneficial lesson plans and become fully involved with conducting the lesson and bringing in fresh ideas to the field. Not only will you be vital in providing the feel-good factor amongst community members, but also in encouraging the member to grow in confidence, whilst developing fundamental life skills. 

Take to the field twice a week in a country renowned for awesome rugby, at the VUSA academy; as you get involved with teaching rugby to students. Not only does this initiative strive to improve fitness and develop an appreciation for the sport; but also works as a means to keep kids productive during after school, unoccupied hours and away from negative influences. It is with volunteer support that we are also able to provide valuable resources for efficient training. 

Bring out your inner child, as you take part in exciting after school activities, such as ultimate frisbee and baseball; with the aim to promote key life skills, including teamwork and sportsmanship.

No matter how much the world changes, the underlying principles of the sport remain the same. Let’s encourage future generations to seize the opportunities sport presents and make a difference through the power of one of the greatest concepts mankind has ever created. Are you ready to ‘take your marks and go?’

2 weeks – US$2,150.00

4 weeks – US$2,750.00

6 weeks – US$3,350.00

8 weeks – US$3,950.00

10 weeks – US$4,550.00

12 weeks – US$5,150.00

During school holidays, activities may differ from the usual schedule but the work will be equally engaging and rewarding.

We ask volunteers to arrive at Cape Town International Airport on the Monday your project starts between 9 am and 3 pm and we’ll pick you up from there.

Start Dates for 2023

    • 23 January 2023
    • 6 February 2023
    • 20 February 2023
    • 6 March 2023
    • 20 March 2023
    • 3 April 2023
    • 17 April 2023
    • 1 May 2023
    • 15 May 2023
    • 29 May 2023
    • 12 June 2023
    • 26 June 2023
    • 10 July 2023
    • 24 July 2023
    • 7 August 2023
    • 21 August 2023
    • 4 September 2023
    • 18 September 2023
    • 2 October 2023
    • 16 October 2023
    • 30 October 2023
    • 13 November 2023
    • 27 November 2023
    • 11 December 2023