Show-jumping Working Holiday Programme

This working holiday is the ultimate experience for any experienced show-jumping enthusiast or aspiring veterinarian within the equestrian field.


Prices start from US $4,195 for 4 weeks

Working Holiday Programme

This programme offers riders the chance to work at a top-level show jumping yard, receive coaching from a professional showjumper, training horses at the yard and learning from experts in all aspects of the professional equestrian field, all while soaking up surrounding wildlife opportunities in South Africa. Riders have the opportunity to shadow some of the very best equestrian, wildlife and sport veterinary experts in the country, gaining hands on experience in the different fields.

Internationally acclaimed show jumper and FEI Qualified Coach Charley Crockart will show you the ropes and become your mentor during your time on programme. She will also become your coach, with lessons to improve your show-jumping skills.


Day In The Programme Life

As we limited the program to 4 people at any one time, we offer customise daily schedules according to preferences of individual riders and these can be discussed with each person during the pre-program interview.

Riding Lessons: Charley offers 3 lessons per week on rider’s hired horses, which are available for daily use. Clients will be allocated a horse that they may ride each day. Depending on their ability and availability of other horses, they may have the option to school/hack other horses as well.

Shows and Competitions: There are numerous show venues within a few kilometres of CC Equestrian, so there are usually a number of options for show attendance each weekend. Each rider will be individually assessed and given recommendations about which shows to attend with their hired horse, as well as what grade to compete in etc. CC Equestrian will provide transport and groom support to local shows (venues within 10km, of which there are many) as part of the package, while attendance at long-haul shows may be arranged at additional cost.

Veterinary Shadowing: Activities will be dependent on expert availability and season – vets work on lameness issues throughout the year, but breeding activities (semen collection, inseminations, embryo transfers, foaling etc) are limited to the summer months.

Wildlife Sanctuary: Johannesburg Wildlife Vet is located within 5km of CC Equestrian, and relies on volunteers to help care for whatever species may be in their care. Animals are rehabilitated and then released back into the wild. Animals that are regularly in care include pangolins, birds, hyraxes, snakes, monkeys, meerkats and small antelope. There may be opportunities to accompany relocation specialists to various parts of South Africa for a few nights (species such as monkeys and meerkats) if there are species who require relocation.

The yard itself is equipped with:

  • 54 stables
  • Two arenas – Martin Collins fibre arena imported from Germany and sand school.
  • Lunging ring
  • Derby bank & Steps
  • Equine Spa: The equine spa is available for horses that need to recover after shows or that are undergoing rehabilitation. The spa helps with soft tissue repair and education about how to incorporate this into routine is provided.
  • Swimming Pool for riders
  • Social Area

Programme Opportunities

Your days will include:

  • Assisting Charley in her daily schedule at the yard.
  • Training inexperienced horses.
  • Shadowing top equestrian, wildlife and sport vets.
  • Attending top level national shows on the weekends.
  • Jump training and flatwork training with the horses.
  • 3 lessons a week with Charley to improve your show-jumping skills.
  • Experience local wildlife opportunities within the area, at an ethical and responsible wildlife sanctuary close to the yard itself.

You will have the opportunity to work alongside the following experts:

  • Veterinary: Duncan Prinsloo is a world-renowned equine lameness and reproduction specialist. He spends a large amount of time at the CC Equestrian premises, and riders can shadow him on his rounds. Duncan carried out the first successful embryo transfer in South Africa.
  • Farrier: Mark Trethewey, who has decades of experience as a farrier, visits CC Equestrian once a week. He is always happy to share his knowledge and answer questions.
  • Feed Nutritionist: Equine nutrition is a key factor behind the condition of the horses at CC Equestrian, and sessions with our nutritionist can be arranged for those who are interested.


More About Charley Crockart

Charley is the FEI’s talent identification director for Southern Africa, and was part of the African team that claimed Bronze at the 2022 Youth Equestrian Games. She has also mentored riders at events such as the Youth Olympics.

Charley is the 2022 South Africa Rider’s Gold Grand Prix Tour champion, and has many years of international show jumping experience behind her. She is a previous winner of the FEI World Jumping Challenge and has competed at the All-Africa Games. 

She started CC Equestrian in 2014 without any capital and today runs a yard of 60 horses, backed by an incredible team that she has built over the years. Charley is driven to inspire and educate young equestrians, and has an incredible amount of knowledge to share. Stable management, nutrition, breeding, production, mental fitness, show preparation and entrepreneurship are just a few of the areas that Charley is an undisputed expert in.

Highlights Of The Show-Jumping Working Holiday

  • Located in Kyalami, a horse-centric neighbourhood in Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Intermediate to Advanced riders with a passion for horses.
  • Gain hands on experience working with professionals in all areas of show-jumping industry at a Top-Level show-jumping yard.
  • Assist internationally acclaimed showjumper & FEI qualified coach, Charley Crockart with the daily running of the stables, and receive lessons to improve your own show jumping skills.
  • Shadow the very best equestrian, wildlife and sport veterinarian experts in the country and gain hands on veterinary experience.

Prices & Duration

DurationCost USD
4 Weeks$4,195

Placements are available from 4 – 12 weeks.

Inclusions: Accommodation, meals, activities and riding as part of the programme, competition transport within 10km of the yard, airport collection/ drop off, laundry and 24-hour support on site.

Exclusions: Flights, travel & medical insurance, visa costs, extra excursions outside of the programme, competition entry, long-haul show transport.


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