Conservation & Reforestation

Amazon Jungle, Peru

→ Prices start from US$945.00 for 2 weeks

Volunteering in the Amazon

The Amazon Jungle, often referred to as the lungs of the planet, is the greatest rainforest in the world, and plays a huge role in the Earth’s sustainability! 

Unfortunately, due to deforestation, commercial logging operations and climate change this ecosystem and the life of its iconic wildlife, plant species and local communities is constantly under threat!

The fate of the Amazon lies on all of us and our conservation and reforestation efforts.

Saving the Amazon is possible, with your help


Amazon Volunteer Reviews


For about four weeks, I volunteered inside the Amazon Jungle. Pretty much all I have to say is that this was hands down one of the best times of my life! The jungle is incredible. We did reforestation work like planting trees and removing invasive species. As well as other necessary jobs like clearing trails for researchers and reestablishing the eating and hang out area when needed. We had the opportunity to go into town to teach English to the kids several times and that was a big highlight for me as well! I definitely recommend this program for anyone looking to do amazing work and see amazing things!

Amazon Volunteering

The Peruvian Amazon plays an incredibly important role in the Earth’s sustainability. Over the years, deforestation began with small farmers and quickly grew with the effects of commercial logging operations. Today, with increased environmental protection and private and public initiatives, deforestation has slowed. However, your help is needed to continue these efforts and to rebuild as much of the jungle as possible.

This is one of the most biologically diverse areas on Earth and one of the last primary forests in the world and its ecosystem is totally unique. The species that live in the rainforest are native to the area and would disappear if their natural habitat were ruined. Unfortunately, many people take this place for granted and it is constantly under threat. This means the Amazon and its amazing natural equilibrium must be protected through research and conservation efforts.

The fate of the Amazon and the countless animals and plant species, along with the people who live there, all depend on getting this right! The task is incredibly challenging because the necessity for agricultural expansion is the biggest driver of deforestation, which means there are important competing priorities.

Reforestation is a key action to help mitigate the effects of climate change, as new trees help reduce the amount of CO2 in the air and also limit erosion. Our volunteers get involved in planting trees, removing non-native species, monitoring animals, as well as community outreach and education.

As a volunteer, you also learn about local tree species and the people of the area. Amazon projects have a clear impact you can directly see, and if you return in just a few years you are able to witness just how much your work literally transforms the area.

A Day In Your Life

Working hours vary according to the needs of the project, but you can expect to work 4-8 hours per day, Monday to Saturday.

  • You will have the chance to be involved in reforestation efforts to rebuild the Amazon. This may include planting trees, shrubs and orchids as well as removing non-native and invasive species of bamboo. 
  • Part of your weekly activities will be animal research. Not too bad to do this in an area with unique wildlife species! You will conduct inventories that may include observing the behaviour and counting various species of birds, insects (specifically butterflies), amphibians and primates.
  • Get in touch with the local communities. You will be in charge of assisting with education and delivering workshops to the locals. 
  • You ́ll also take part in scientific research (various themes in biology, chemistry, and zoology). You will be supported by environmentalists, biologists and other local professionals
  • What else will you do? Sometimes you will also take part in activities such as organic gardening and trail maintenance to ensure the upkeep and survival of the area.
  • During rainy days your work may vary but don’t worry since there plenty to do! There ́s always need for some repairs at the lodge and work with the local school. Volunteers may also be involved in teaching English to the local staff and other community members.
  • Make the most of your time in Peru and take on additional Spanish lessons so to go back home with a new language on your CV! Ask for additional costs for the lessons!

This project starts every Monday throughout the year. We generally ask for volunteers to arrive at this project the day before on Sunday and you can volunteer from 2 weeks up to 12 weeks. Projects last day is on Saturday.

(This project remains open over the Christmas period)

2 weeks – US$945.00
3 weeks – US$1,125.00
4 weeks – US$1,295.00

Additional weeks – US$175/week

Project Surcharge – US$95/week