Hospital & Medical Support Project

Limuru, Nairobi, Kenya

→ Prices start from $1713 or £1069 for 2 weeks

Volunteering in the medical field

If you are looking for a meaningful and hands-on project in the medical field where you ́ll be supporting and assisting rural communities in Kenya by working in hospitals and clinics suffering from limited resources, lack of infrastructure and overcrowding, this is the right project for you!

You will gain invaluable practical and theoretical knowledge in the healthcare system and will be able to give back while expanding your horizons and gaining invaluable knowledge and new skills!

Volunteer Reviews


My experience in Kenya was much more interesting than I expected. I was in the medical program and I really learned a lot during my stay. The staff in the hospital was friendly and willing to teach. The schedule was flexible and it allowed me to stay longer than expected if I required. Other than the medical program, I also got to immerse into the local life and the tried a large variety of delicious local food. The program was managed so well that I could 100% focus on what I want to do and not worry about living and planning out the extra activities.

Your Project, Your Purpose

Kenya is one of Africa’s most popular and well-known tourist destinations given its stunning  National Parks, amazing wildlife, vibrant culture and paradisiac beaches.

However, its enormous population is hugely affected by the struggles of HIV and AIDS, poverty and unemployment. Kenya’s health care infrastructure is overburdened, with a lack of medical staff and resources, especially in rural areas. There is a huge need for assistance in the public health field in Kenya, whereas a volunteer you can offer your skills and support.

The focus is on preventing disease, prolonging life and promoting health and there are countless possibilities to impact the lives of those that are affected by these problems. This includes hospitals, schools, and public health clinics surrounding the Limuru area. Simple measures taken by our team of volunteers, with the support of our experienced project team can greatly contribute to the health of rural populations and can increase the quality of life as well as general life expectancy.

As a volunteer, you will acquire a wealth of knowledge, share skills and be exposed to the full range of medical specialities within the hospital. This exposure can help you develop an insight into your own personal medical career, as well as gain an understanding of the healthcare system in a developing country. You will be working in various different hospitals and health clinics to help support the severely understaffed and under-resourced hospitals.

There are several schools and after-school centres for vulnerable children in the community that we are also involved with. These children come from backgrounds that have been affected by HIV and AIDS, abuse, poverty or illness. The children’s ages range mainly between 4 and 15 years.

Whether you have a wealth of medical experience or you plan on starting now by volunteering with us you could have a fantastic impact on the lives of this rural community.

A Day In Your Life

You will be working Monday to Friday both in the morning and afternoon in different communities and projects. You will break for lunch and come back to your accommodation for a relaxing time before heading back on the project. Evenings and weekends are free for you to explore this amazing tourist destination that has so much to offer to anyone who visits it.

  • Volunteers work at large hospitals of up to 350 patients a day to smaller health clinics learning a huge amount about the healthcare situation and everyday challenges they face. You could be placed in departments such as the maternity ward, orthopaedics, HIV & diabetic clinics, nursing & emergency care, family planning unit, TB testing, patient consultations, theatre/surgeries and x-ray departments. You will have the opportunity to observe and learn in all areas assisting under the supervision and gaining experience in your specialized areas.
  • As a volunteer you will also get involved in teaching, developing and improving resources, cooking, organizing sports and playing activities, arts and crafts, training of basic life skills to promote the well-being of the children. You will have a chance to make a huge impact on these children’s lives by making it feel like home and contributing to their learning and development.
  • You will take part in our Health Club initiative aimed at primary and secondary school children to raise awareness on self-care, hygiene and general health issues. You will cover a variety of health topics like nutrition, physical health, mental health, HIV and AIDS awareness, common conditions and diseases such as malaria and TB.
  • You will also be part of our community outreach initiative in which our volunteers work alongside our staff and local caregivers to provide much-needed care and support to some of the more rural villages within the area. This way you ́ll get to share a real cultural exchange experience with the local community and understand their way of life, as well as walk through the villages, enter the homes of the patients, and see what it’s really like to live in rural Kenya. 
  • Spend your free time enjoying some of the incredible tourist attractions in the area! You can explore the bustling city of Nairobi, travel a bit further to explore the wildlife paradise or head to the beautiful beaches this country has to offer! We ́ll help you organize any trip or activity you might be interested in, so don’t worry about it at all!

Our Start Dates for 2019 are:

  • 7 & 21 October
  • 4 & 18 November
  • 2,16 & 30 December

Our Start Dates for 2020 are:

  • 6, 13 & 27 January
  • 10 & 24 February
  • 9 & 23 March
  • 6 & 20 April
  • 4 & 18 May
  • 1, 15 & 29 June
  • 6, 13, 20 & 27 July
  • 3, 10, 17, 24 & 31 August
  • 7 & 21 September
  • 5 & 19 October
  • 2, 16 & 30 November
  • 14 & 28 December

We generally ask for volunteers to arrive at this project every other Sunday or Monday, and you can volunteer from 2 weeks up to 12 weeks.

Project Closes 2nd December 2019

During school holidays, activities may differ from the usual schedule but the work will be equally engaging and rewarding.

2 weeks 1069 1713
3 weeks 1357 2174
4 weeks 1645 2635
5 weeks 1999 3202
6 weeks 2352 3768
7 weeks 2624 4203
8 weeks 2895 4638
9 weeks 3167 5072
10 weeks 3438 5507
11 weeks 3709 5942
12 weeks 3981 6377
2 weeks 1427 2174
3 weeks 1712 2609
4 weeks 1902 2899
5 weeks 2187 3334
6 weeks 2472 3769
7 weeks 2757 4204
8 weeks 3042 4639
9 weeks 3327 5074
10 weeks 3612 5509
11 weeks 3897 5944
12 weeks 4182 6379

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