Horse Riding & Wildlife Care Project

Incredible opportunities with horses await you at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Surround yourself by nature inside our Private Safari Park and Game Reserve.

Prices start from US $1,217 for 1 week

A Horse And Wildlife Adventure Like No Other

Horse riding has drawn the attention of people around the world for centuries, allowing you to really, truly interact with the great outdoors. Nothing offers this more than horse riding through the African bush, surrounded by nature whilst being based at a Private Safari Park and Game Reserve in Victoria Falls. One of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, and considered the adventure capital of Africa, with incredible wildlife and breathtaking scenery, it’s an iconic destination in itself.


What Does The Project Entail?

A horse and wildlife adventure like no other.

Not only will you work with horses, but will also get involved with the care and upkeep of our wildlife sanctuary animals such as Lion, Hyena, Ostrich and more! We offer a forever home to a variety of captive wildlife that cannot be released into the wild. These animals need daily monitoring and care.

Outside of the horse and wildlife work, get involved with the running of a private game reserve. Conduct game monitoring exercises either from horseback, foot or vehicle. Assist in anti-poaching activities, join our research teams on data collection and generally help us provide a positive presence in the reserve.

During your downtime, there is so much to see and do in the area. Be it white water rafting or bungee jumping for the more adventurous soul. Or a scenic boat cruise down the mighty Zambezi River, or camping under the stars in the National Park.


Your Project, Your Purpose!

This is the ultimate project for any horse riding adventurer and nature enthusiast. Enjoy daily outrides exploring our reserve whilst performing important tasks such as anti-poaching exercises, animal monitoring, wildlife counts (best done from horseback) or simply just bonding with the horses on a casual sunset outride. Assist in the daily chores of running a stable yard, including grooming, feeding, watering and cleaning of stables. As well as working with the horses in disciplines such as Jumping, Dressage and Polo Crosse.

Natural Horsemanship is a fundamental part of our daily routine with the horses and you will learn the foundational work of natural horsemanship. Skills such as joining up, desensitizing, pressure and release, as well developing and building skills further through everyday use.

Between stable chores, assist our team in the daily care and welfare of our resident sanctuary wildlife. This could be the daily duties such as feeding, cleaning, behavior enrichment or taking some of the rescues out on daily walks to get them accustomed to life in the bush. Get involved with any rescue and rehabilitation of new animals that come into the sanctuary. Get hands on as we work to maintain the highest quality of care for our furry family.

But that’s not all!

No two days are the same when working with animals and as such we require you to be flexible, go with the flow and be prepared to adjust at the drop of a hat depending on the needs of the project. Working days are Monday to Saturday Lunchtime with Saturday afternoon and Sunday off to explore the resort town, or relax at camp.

Working days are long, but extremely rewarding. We are firm believers of “learning on the job” and you can expect to gain invaluable experience with our very hands on, practical project.

Day In The Life Of A Horse And Wildlife Volunteer

Stables Upkeep: You will be tasked with general cleaning and maintenance of the stable, the yard, paddocks and surrounding grounds. Clean and well-maintained stables are vital for the upkeep of our horses.

Horse Upkeep: As a horse volunteer, you will play an important role in the daily feeding of all the horses in the stables. Your duties will include: grooming the horses daily and cleaning tack. We take the well-being of our horses very seriously and is our up-most priority.

Reserve Patrol & Snare Sweeps: We are dedicated to protecting our resident wildlife within the reserve. Riding on horseback along the boundary fence, looking for and filling in any holes in the fence, to keep out any unwanted visitors! You will also get involved with removing any dangerous wire traps, which are potentially fatal for our incredible wildlife.

Vet Treatment: You may get the opportunity to provide some basic veterinary care to ensure the horses remain healthy and to attend to any with minor injuries.

Schooling Horses: As a horse volunteer, you will take part in the daily schooling sessions to keep the horses in tip-top shape and you may even get the opportunity to train up some of our youngest horses, getting them ready for their career in stables, by taking them on a safari ride, to get them used to the bush surroundings and wildlife in the park.

Care and welfare of sanctuary animals: Spend time with our fur babies!

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Prices & Duration

2023/24 GBP Prices2023/24 USD Prices
1 Week - GBP1,1161 week - US$1,339
2 Weeks - GBP1,7482 weeks - US$2,098
3 Weeks - GBP2,3743 weeks - US$2,849
4 Weeks - GBP2,9794 weeks - US$3,575
5 Weeks - GBP3,5295 weeks - US$4,235
6 Weeks - GBP4,0796 weeks - US$4,895
7 Weeks - GBP4,6297 weeks - US$5,555
8 Weeks - GBP5,1798 weeks - US$6,215
9 Weeks - GBP5,7299 weeks - US$6,875
10 Weeks - GBP6,27910 weeks - US$7,535
11 Weeks - GBP6,82911 weeks - US$8,195
12 Weeks - GBP7,37912 weeks - US$8,855

Start Dates

Start Dates 2023Start Dates 2024
2, 16 January1, 15 January
6 & 13 February5 & 12 February
6, 13, 27 March4, 11, 25 March
3 & 17 April1 & 15 April
1, 15, 29 May6, 13, 27 May
5 & 19 June3 & 17 June
3, 10, 17 & 24 July1, 8, 15, 22 & 29July
14, 21,& 28 August5, 12, 19 & 26 August
4 & 18 September2 & 16 September
2 & 16 October7 & 14 October
6, 13 & 27 November4, 11 & 25 November
11 & 25 December9 & 23 December
horse grazing by river side

Horse Volunteer Project FAQs

How often will I be riding?

While the riding is the best part of working in the stables, horse and stable maintenance is vitally important and the top priority on the horse project.

You will be riding most days of the week, whether its schooling, going on a horseback safari, , playing polocrosse, show-jumping, a sunrise ride, or a boundary patrol, there is always a reason to get into the saddle.

There are plenty of opportunities on project to develop your skills and experience some incredible riding activities in the African bush!

What is my weekly schedule like?

There is no typical day at the stables. Every day is different with fresh demands or challenges. We ask you to be as flexible as possible on a day-to-day basis.

The morning usually consists of some horse and stables maintenance with some kind of horse ride in the mid-morning or afternoon.

The rest of the day will be moulded around any pressing duties that need to be completed. 

Are the horses safe to ride?

The horses are perfectly safe to ride, and we have different horses for different riding abilities. Our stable staff know the horses incredibly well.

We do ask you to be totally honest with us about your previous riding experience. It is vitally important that we put you on a horse that is suitable for your level.

With some many horses in stables, we are sure you will find the right horse.

Know Before You Go

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