Sea Turtle Conservation

Nicoya Peninsula – Pacific Coast, Costa Rica

→ Prices start from US$1,465 for 3 weeks

Volunteering in sea turtles conservation

Sea turtles have been living and thriving in the world’s oceans for more than 150 million years, but unfortunately today they are in danger of extinction due to many different reasons. 

That is why this project exists and why our volunteers play a huge role in the survival of this iconic species! Volunteers’ primary focus is to increase the birth rate and survival of baby sea turtles, while also collecting data and educating the local community about sea turtles and the importance of Costa Rica ́s marine ecosystem.

Volunteer Reviews

Angela P.

I lucked out by going to Ostional during an ‘arribada’ which was absolutely fantastic to see thousands of turtles making their way up the beach. I met fantastic people and I worked alongside dedicated and hard-working people. The team is absolutely amazing and kept the place fun and exciting. Anyone would be lucky to work alongside the team at Ostional.

Nicoya Peninsula Volunteering

Costa Rica is not only well known for being one of the most bio-diverse countries in the world, but it’s also home to 5 of 7 sea turtle species on the globe! Unfortunately, these species, that has been thriving for over 150 million years, are now under risk of extinction and constantly threatened due to poachers, habitat destruction, and commercial fishing.

Each and every one of these species affects the diversity, habitat and functionality of its environment in a unique way and play a vital role in maintaining the health of our oceans.

And this is exactly why we can’t́ let another species go extinct and why our volunteers play a vital role in protecting adult and baby sea turtles. With the professional support from our environmentalists and researchers, you will get involved with hatchery management, beach patrols, beach cleanups, data collection, community outreach and much more!

This project takes place in rural beach areas often alongside impoverished communities where our volunteers provide vital support to the biologists, biology interns, project staff, and locals involved in protecting turtle eggs and maintaining the turtle nesting grounds.

This project often includes sustainable egg harvesting programs that feed or provide income to the local communities and is designed to prevent overharvesting and poaching, and it is overseen by the Costa Rican government.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity of playing a huge role in the survival of this stunning species while spending your time in one of Earth’s most paradisiac spots!

And if you are lucky enough you may even witness the incredible phenomenon called “arribada” which consists of a massive synchronization of Olive Ridley species that comes to lay hundreds to thousands of eggs at the same time!

A Day In Your Life

Working hours vary according to the needs of the project, but you can expect to work 6-8 hours per day, Monday to Saturday. You may work morning, afternoon or evening shifts depending on the need, so get ready for the same late nights and morning shifts.

Keep in mind we won’t be able to confirm the exact location of your project until you arrive in the country and go through your orientation in San José. Most volunteers head to the Nicoya Peninsula to Ostional or Playa Junquilla but it may change depending on seasonal needs and turtles ́movements. In some occasions, they also head to the Caribbean Coast.

  • You will be living in paradise! Whether your project takes you to the Costarican Pacific Coast or the Caribbean, you will live in a paradisiac beach surrounded by nature in one of the greenest countries in the world that offers an incredible amount of activities for you to enjoy during your free time. So take in the views and have an amazing experience!
  • You will get the chance to collect valuable data on sea turtles and educate the local community about them and the whole marine ecosystem
  • There are loads of activities you may be involved in and you’ll have the chance to experience a lot during your stay! You may take part in nightly beach patrols, tagging turtles, relocating nests into hatcheries, counting eggs and turtles, beach cleanup efforts, and other support activities such as community education programs. Volunteering in this project involves quite a lot of walking through the amazing beaches while going on patrols looking for turtles so it can be a bit physically demanding and you should have a certain level of fitness so to be able to walk on a daily basis for a couple of hours.
  • You will be supported by environmentalists, biologists, and other local professionals who will be eager to share their wealth of knowledge with you and ensure you leave this project with a new set of skills and information!
  • You will help reverse the risk of extinction of sea turtles by taking an active role in protecting both adult and baby sea turtles.

This project starts every Monday throughout the year. We generally ask for volunteers to arrive at this project the day before on Sunday and you can volunteer from 2 weeks up to 12 weeks. Projects last day is on Saturday.

(This project remains open over the Christmas period)

3 weeks – US$1,465.00
4 weeks -US$1,725.00

Additional weeks – US$185/week

Project surcharge – US$95/week