Best Volunteer Abroad Projects 2023!

Volunteering Abroad, is the ultimate adventure and an unforgettable experience but we know it can be hard to know where to start when choosing the perfect project. 

 With so many volunteer abroad projects on the market we’re going to take you through the very best of Photography, Equestrian and Wildlife for 2023 to help you find your perfect project


  • Lion & Wildlife Sanctuary Project – Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe 

Located in the stunning town of Victoria Falls this project is the perfect place for all wildlife lovers wanting to make a difference!

This sanctuary is home to many animals, most of which have been rescued. The animals include Ostriches, Vulture, Eagle, Duiker, Vervet Monkey, Mongooses, Hyena and Lions. Lion and Wildlife Sanctuary volunteers here have the awesome opportunity to be involved in every aspect of the resident animals care as well as monitoring local wildlife that may pass through the camp, such as Leopard, using camera traps.

With the opportunity to work on wildlife protection initiatives and game management, use your skills to develop and maintain an environment for ecosystems to thrive.

You’ll also enjoy a weekly Game Drive through Zambezi National Park, home to four of the Big Five! 

Spend free time exploring the town, with opportunities to partake in adrenaline filled activities including white water rafting, bungee jumping, gorge swings and more or more relaxed activities such as sunset cruises on the Zambezi River & visiting the unmissable falls themselves!

  • Lion, Elephant & Wildlife Project – Antelope Park, Zimbabwe 

Antelope Park is located on 3000 acres of private game reserve. The Lion, Elephant and Wildlife project has so much to offer from walking alongside elephants to working with lions.

Project Highlights include:

You will spend your days with magnificent African lions and contribute to every aspect of their care, including taking part in behavioural enrichment activities and stimulate the lions natural predatory & sensory behaviours.

You will also get involved with our 4 orphaned elephants who roam freely though the park throughout the day; walking alongside them getting to know their different characters, how they socialise and the group dynamic. Plus, you’ll have the incredible experience of watching them swim in the freshwater dam.

Discover the plentiful resident wildlife, out in the game park, by participating in bush walks, game drives, game feeding, game counts, bird surveys and wildlife management activities.

You’ll also become part of the wildlife protection team, assisting with essential snare sweeps, game counts, boundary patrols and assisting in caring for any orphan rescues that may pass through our care.

This project is perfect for all animal lovers but especially those who love elephants, there’s nowhere else that you’ll have elephants quite literally eating out the palm of your hand on your first day! 


feeding rescued elephants antelope park
  • Show-Jumping Working Holiday – CC Equestrian, South Africa

This show jumping working holiday is the ultimate adventure for any show-jumping enthusiast or aspiring veterinarian in the equestrian field!

This programme offers riders the chance to work at a top-level show jumping yard, receive coaching from a professional show jumper, train horses at the yard and learn from experts in all aspects of the professional equestrian field. All while soaking up surrounding wildlife opportunities in South Africa. Riders can shadow some of the very best equestrian, wildlife, and sport veterinary experts in the country, gaining hands on experience in the different fields.

Hosted by internationally acclaimed show jumper and FEI Qualified Coach Charley Crockart will show you the ropes and become your mentor during your time on the programme. She will also become your coach, with three lessons a week to greatly improve your show-jumping skills!

Spend your weekends competing and gaining invaluable competition experience, with local transport to shows included in the price! 

Limited to only 4 participants at any one time this is the incomparable and unrivalled experience ensuring all training received is personally tailored to you. 

Located in Kyalami, a horse-centric neighbourhood in Johannesburg, South Africa and open to intermediate to Advanced riders with a passion for horses, what are you waiting for?! 

  • Stable Management Project – Antelope Park, Zimbabwe

From cross-country to polocrosse, horse swims to sunrise rides this stable project has it all!

The Stables at Antelope Park are one of a kind with a stunning polocrosse field, 9 fence cross country course, dressage arena, lunging rings, show-jumping field, freshwater dam & hundreds of acres of the bush to ride though.

Wildlife is on your doorstep with herds of Zebra, Wildebeest and Impala grazing alongside the horses! Not to mention the four giraffes, perfect for those incredible, Pinterest worthy, horseback giraffe photos 🦒

With 31 beautiful, characterful horses there really is something for everyone, from total beginners to advanced riders. Plus, with lessons available to every rider it’s the perfect place to improve your skills. Even beginners can be jumping by the end of their time on project! 

Your mornings will be filled with general stable management activities and tasks such as building field shelters, bathing horses, painting, cleaning tack, scrubbing water troughs, and treating any injuries the horses may have. Afternoons are usually for horse swims, polocrosse, cross-country, schooling youngsters, show-jumping or sunset rides.

You’ll also have the awesome opportunity to assist in the new established breeding programme.

Your time off at weekends can be spent lounging by the pool or even drinking milkshakes at the on-site coffee shop with your fellow volunteers.

This project is perfect for every equestrian, volunteering with horses under the warm Zimbabwean sun – This is a project not to be missed! 

horses swimming while on horse back
  • Wildlife Photography Internship, Victoria Falls Zimbabwe 

With this Wildlife Photography Internship, not only will you be enhancing your portfolio and skills as a wildlife photographer with custom theoretical and practical classes, you will also be making a difference by bringing awareness to wildlife and community projects in Zimbabwe.

Living at our prime forest estate and safari park with other like-minded people and resident animals allows for in matched photography opportunities wherever you turn your camera. 

The benefit of living at the unfenced forest is that you can practice wildlife photography under more controlled environments before heading into the wilderness. For example, during dusk and dawn you can practice photography on Spotted Hyenas and Lions, this practice will help perfect your photography out on the incredible Game Drives through Zambezi National Park!

You’ll experience extremely close encounters with resident lions and hyena among other animals in the on-site sanctuary.

Mentored by the brilliant Hanna Wigart a wildlife photographer a zoologist whose unparalleled passion and knowledge of wildlife allows her to capture incredible images. Under Hanna’s supervision you will gain skills and knowledge as a photographer both in theory and in practice in the field.

Spend your free time exploring the town, with opportunities to partake in adrenaline filled activities including White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Gorge Swings and more or more relaxed activities such as Sunset Cruises on the Zambezi River & visiting the unmissable falls themselves!

horse bathing in river
  • Maasai Mara Photography Experience, Kenya

Brand new for 2023 be one of the first to experience this incredible new Photography Experience in the iconic Maasai Mara! 

This one of kind wildlife photography experience is designed to offer you the opportunity to photograph the incredible Maasai Mara Ecosystem, in a more budget-friendly way. This wildlife haven offers one of the best opportunities in the world to greatly increase your nature portfolio with incredible photography opportunities around every corner.

This experience caters for all levels of photographer. Under the guidance of our professional leaders, who are there to help you improve your photography, no matter your level; you’ll leave Kenya with the most incredible memories and an amazing portfolio.

It’s a perfect way to experience the Maasai Mara photography opportunities in an affordable way, with no compromise on the quality! 

In your free time how about witnessing the Mara from the sky on a hot air balloon safari? An experience you will never forget! Or a day trip to the world famous Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, a haven for orphaned and injured elephants.

For those looking to completely unwind, Kenya has some of the most spectacular coastlines and pristine beaches.

This project seriously has it all and is the absolute dream location for any Wildlife and Photography lover!

If you are ready to embark on the trip of a lifetime, or simply want some further information about what’s on offer and how to make your trip a reality, click ‘HERE’ to get in touch today!


aqua exercising horse in river water

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