7 reason why you should never volunteer with horses

There is just no good reason to ever volunteer with horses, especially at Antelope Park.

Come on, really, why on earth would you fly thousands of miles across the world to see horses?

What is so special about them? Oh, but let’s not even start about all the things you would have to do when you get here!

Why on earth do so many people go to Antelope Park for the horses?

Let’s just list a few things, which only a totally crazy person would actually want to do…

#1. You have to go out, into the bush and spot some really rather ordinary animals and who on earth would ever want to be this close to them. Come on!

A very good point. We know it sucks having to tack up your horse to ride into the bush, where you might have to pass some overly tall giraffe and yes, of course, we see your point, what if a real life zebra crossing occurs?

We know they are hard to miss, with all those stripes.

We can also understand that hearing the lions roaring in the distance and also be very distracting, especially when they wake you up in the mornings with the same noise.

How inconsiderate!

#2. There is a serious risk you might get totally hooked with polocrosse

Another great point.

We totally see the concern. The risk of wanting to play every minute of every day is just far too high.

The idea is ludicrous.

Who in their right mind ever thought to put lacrosse on the back of a horse?

This high paced, adrenaline filled activity, will have you reaching for your racket all the time.

The risk again is just far too high to even consider.

#3. Who would ever want to go to Africa?

Between the abundance of wildlife, rather unimpressive landscapes and totally normal savannah grassland, we cannot even give you one reason for why you should come to Africa.

Going back to nature and discovering real Africa, how very 2002. 

To make matters even worse, that big waterfall in Zimbabwe?

Why would you want to see one of the seven natural wonders of the world?!

We will warn you, the risk of never wanting to leave is just far too high to even a concern.

Shame on you for ever even considering it!

#4. Why would I want to see elephants?

Yes, we totally agree that elephants are very distracting & we also understand that offering our volunteers on the combination project, the option to walk in the bush alongside these really rather unimpressive animals is asking way too much of our volunteers.

Why would you want to see these animals out of choice!

#5. You think it’s ok to wake us up at silly o’clock to see a mediocre sunrise. Oh please.

Thank you for another very valid point. We can see why the option to stay in bed and avoid the sunrise is a much more appealing one.

The beginning of the ride starts off quite dark and the sunrise itself is nothing special.

Definitely not worth the early start…

#6. Why would you even bother offering the opportunity to sleep under the stars? Who would want to sleep without a roof?

Yes, we get it, sometimes the stars are just too bright and the skyline could keep you awake while you are sleeping around the campfire.

You will probably be pretty tired following your horse swim and ride out to the site.

The three-course meal will probably leave you far too full and the sunrise in the morning; well, it’s nothing to shout about….

#7. Swimming with the horses? You must be joking, what makes you think this is a good activity!

The experience of riding the horses, as they are swimming below you is questionable.

We can see the concern.

What if you fall into the cooling water on a hot summers day.

Again, the fun element is also a big risk.

Getting totally hooked on horse swims is something to consider before taking part in this activity.

You have been warned.

With horse-safaris, show-jumping, cross-country, horse swims, polocrosse, carriage rides and many other standard activities on offer; we can totally see why no one would ever want to come and volunteer with horses, especially at Antelope Park!

So what are you doing even thinking about coming to Africa to volunteer with horses?

Have we not given you enough reasons why you should not come?

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