5 reasons why you should go on a fitness holiday

Work, responsibilities, limited time, the list goes on for reasons why our fitness isn’t always our main priority. Life gets busy and before you know it, that promise you made yourself about going to the gym was unfulfilled.

It happens to all of us. Then, if by some miracle you manage to find the time to fulfil that fitness promise, you are left trying to find the motivation to go. Trust us, you are not alone!

So, what is the best way to ensure that you actually go for that run or lift those weights? It’s booking a trip with the main focus being (that’s right) …fitness! This way you are making a commitment. Not only a financial commitment but also a time one, blocking out a period of time when you tell yourself ‘right, now is the time to focus on my fitness.’

Joining a group fitness tour gives you countless benefits. It enables you to travel alone or in a group, meet new people, sponge off the vibe and enjoy the sense of motivation. Check out our top reasons for why a fitness break could be exactly what you need.

A great way to travel solo with a purpose

Being a solo traveller doesn’t have to stop you from embarking on a fitness retreat. You will meet likeminded individuals who will motivate and encourage you to achieve anything you put your mind to help conquer your ‘get fit’ quest.

Being part of a team makes the challenge feel more doable and rewarding. Teamwork will help you get results and gives you opportunities to make new friends from all around the world.

Just remember, everyone is in the same boat and you can’t fail!

Challenge yourself – No putting off until tomorrow

We are all guilty of it; making those false promises about getting fit but we never quite manage. A fitness holiday gives you a sense of commitment to follow through with those fitness goals.

Get yourself in good habits and find your inner motivation to continue your newly founded passion beyond your fitness travel experience. Getting into the right mindset for your fitness goals can also be channelled into other aspects of life.

In fact, anything that requires goal-setting!

Boot Camp for Beginners, no prior experience needed.

Fitness is for everyone! Whether you are a total beginner and have no understanding of lifting weights or using fitness equipment, or a ‘can’t miss a day at the gym’ kind of person, there is something for everyone.

An interest and passion for bettering yourself is the most important thing. The determination to work hard and achieve your goals, no matter what they are.

Everyone is different, but rising to the challenge in the end, is just as rewarding for everyone of every ability.

Exercise, Travel, Explore. A New You

Being on holiday gives you a boost, more energy, a more ‘Carpe Diem’ approach and a more prosperous outlook. This holiday spirit gives you the motivation to push yourself outside of your comfort zone.

Fitness holidays are a way of encouraging yourself to learn good habits that you can maintain even after you have left the holiday spirit behind.

Fitness and exercise can be made to feel daunting, but health and fitness travel can provide incredible opportunities within a new country. This is SO much better than those 4 boring walls at your local gym. The world becomes your oyster!

You could explore a true speculator natural wonder of the world, become memorised with wildlife with unique activities on offer, discover a country’s history (and that’s just scratching the surface!) New experiences have the power to change your life and ultimately you as a person.

The more you discover, the more you learn about the world (and yourself.)

Make A Difference

The most meaningful part? You can make a difference.

ImpactWOD is the new form of health and fitness travel, giving you the opportunity to see a new part of the world, whilst positively impacting the lives within local communities.

Sports and fitness are vital and influential tools that help children build their confidence and learn to work as a team, whilst learning about the importance of health and fitness on the way. By teaching them new skills and sharing your passion, you will be an inspiring role model.

You will be providing vital support, motivation and encouragement to enable these kids to flourish and achieve their goals (in more ways than simply fitness.)

Their excitement and determination for learning are equally inspiring.

Check out what ImpactWOD is all about and how you can get involved with this new kind of fitness-based travel!

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